Hello world!


This is blog is gonna be for every girl out there. It will cover various subjects:

  • Boys
  • Make-up
  • Clothes!!
  • Problems
  • Food =]
  • TV and movies
  • Music

What more can a girl want? Well except a hunny-bunny to keep you warm all winter and rub you with suntan lotion in summer.

Today I only have a few things to share….

  1. My hottie for the day!
Hmmm Stefan Salvatore....

I cannot think of a hotter guy in my sight at this moment! He is GORGEOUS, he adores Elana and is actually a softie with his brother, Damon Salvatore [another great beaut! – Ian Somerhalder]

2. Song for the day…

Sad to say it, but it is a Disney song today… The new movie Starstruck [Disney channel original] was amazing. A real chick flick with great music. My fav is Hero by Sterling Knight. It’s a song every girl wants to be sung to her by her knight in shining armor…. Listen and fall =]

3. Just a little something I learned…

Never be anyone you don’t wanna be. Go out and speak, scream, yell. Do what you have to do to get YOU over to people. Never let go of your dreams, ideals or morals. No one is worth it!

Well thats that Bloggers!

Be the best you!

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