Waking up…

*YAAAAAAWN*  *shakes head* *sips coffee*

Hmmm now I’m awake! Morning!!

Oh, I can’t decide if I’m a morning person or not, I enjoy sleeping late, I enjoy staying up late. But I work best late night or early morning, that’s when my creativity strike mostly. Or just before I go to sleep, then I get my best ideas!

Today is another cold day in SA, but the sky is blue and I feel good about the day, as if something nice is gonna happen, with my luck not! But let’s hope! 😀

Well I promised you a hottie and here he is!

This is an local [South African] singer, Bobby van Jaarsveld. He is drop dead gorgeous! And if life was a fairytale, I would marry him =] hmmmmmmmm I’ll just swoon all day over this picture!

  • I discover an oldie I wanna share with you, it’s a song my mom used to listen to when she was my age and I just grew to love it, A LOT!!

The leader of the pack – Shangri-Las

It’s kind of a tragic song, but beautiful! Hope you enjoy it!

Some days I wish life was perfect and I was part of the Upper East Side with Chuck or Nate begging at my feet and Serena and Jenny as my best friends. But life is not a Gossip Girl set and nothing turns out that perfect, oh they have problems, sure. But even their problems turns out perfect…

On days like that, when I realize I’m never gonna be a ‘Gossip Girl’ I just remember what I do have. Friends, loyalty, parents that love [and sometimes annoy me], a sister that’s my best friend, music, books. I have somewhere to escape to, even if it’s just my own imagination. They can’t, they have to stay in their perfect world and deal with it…

So take a day to escape and discover yourself outside the ‘fantasy’ world of TV [unless you wanna live in Mystic Falls with Stefan or Daemon, then you have to take me with!]

Loves! ☺

3 thoughts on “Waking up…

    1. Lol, yes! I read it for the first time two months ago, it took me a while to finish it, as I’m not accustom to the ‘old’ English, But I must say, never have I enjoyed a book that much!!

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