Oatmeal… Seriously??


So while I’m sitting at home, searching for a job, my dad decided it would be good if I actually do something while here, which is how I became the “maid” / “housewife”. Now for the past month or so my dad was busy at the house, building etc.

This morning, me still half asleep and with just one cup of coffee in, he came up to me and asked for oatmeal… WHAT? ? ? ?

There’s many thing I can do, dinner, pudding, chocolate cake. But porridge.. NO! ! ! So immediately I start panicking… I phone my mom and get the recipe ijfcutfulhbfd/gdh [sorry spider]. After a few deep breaths I start making oatmeal..

According to my dad it was delicious.But I wouldn’t know, there wasn’t enough 😛

So today I wanna give you My recipe of the day!


  • First boil water and get a bowl
  • Throw a bit of salt into the bowl
  • When the water is boiled thrown in water [about 4 cups]
  • Now add the oats [about two and a half cups]
  • Microwave for a minute
  • Stir
  • Add more oats if too runny, add more water if too lumpy.
  • Stir
  • Microwave another minute
  • Add butter [about a spoon full]
  • Microwave more until it taste cooked.
  • Voila!!

Now you have oatmeal, add sugar, more butter and enjoy! Or give it to some one else to enjoy if you don’t trust your cooking skills.

If anything explodes or harm anyone…. You never read this…



Happy blogging

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