Remember, you’re LUCKY!


Sorry, just cleaning my throat. Gosh I’m so lazy this morning! But after a nice fix of Java and a few up beat songs [not dancing, just listening] I feel ready for the day.

Why is it that the moment you have to wake up, you feel as if you are sleeping the best!? Oh, I hate that!!!

But if I could wake up to this sunrise every morning, oh I’d stand up with a smile on my face!

This specific picture was taken in 2005 when we were on holiday in Mozambique, on my sisters 18th birthday! I would think this the best present ever!!

I remember that vacation for various reasons, it was first time in Mozambique, we went camping for the first time, I was the only one REFUSING to eat fish, the staple food there! [Long story, another time perhaps] and the people… They are so content with having nothing. They eat fish everyday, which they have to catch themselves, they bake these huge bread, which they have to eat with everything, and all they ask for is sweets, because you can’t catch or bake that. And they have no money for it. 

When they see a car passing, all you hear is “ma’sweetie” and every time we stop to hand out toffees, suckers or gum. And when we ride away there was huge smiles on their faces, content with just a sweet for the day. Not caring that they might not have food tonight.

And then there is us. We sleep in warm beds, they in sand holes alongside crabs. We eat all day, whatever is in the fridge, they have the beg for one toffee. Sometimes I wonder if we take everything for granted.. I wonder if we ever realize how extremely LUCKY we are!

Take a moment and think, think about everything you don’t have, but want. And then think, but can I SURVIVE without it???

Go and read THIS post. I promise you it will stick by you, it will make you remember what you have, and it will make you remember to look around and realize that there are people who have a lot less than you have!

Now take a deep breath, and be grateful for living. Shout, and be grateful for being able to talk. Listen a song, and be grateful you can hear. Dance and be grateful for moving. Smile and be grateful for everything you have.

Silly pic for the day! [just to put a smile on you face]

Happy blogging!!!


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