Friends make the world go round!

Morning Bloggers!!!

Wow, I sure sound upbeat… great accomplishment for someone who fell asleep just past 1am and it’ 9am now! I got up an hour ago!! Apparently I go better on less sleep [huh??]

Well there’s a few reasons for going to sleep that late, I was helping out one of my best friends with guy problems, I couldn’t get to sleep and I was staring at the stars and forgot to fall asleep…

My friends are one of the most important people in my live, which is why today is all about friends.

I have different types of friends…

  • The strange ones…. These are the lot who will run around the mall with you, with balloon hats on their heads or the ones that will understand when you sent them a completely random text.
  • The honest ones…. These are scares, they will always tell you the truth, they know it might hurt, but they feel they have to! My sister is the president of this category [which is why I love her to bits]
  • The ‘sunshine’ friends…. This ones only talk to you when everything is fine. Because they don’t wanna worry about your problems, now although this is hypocritical, I still love this friends because point is they are still in your live!
  • The boys…. Now this bunch is difficult to place, because men don’t like being put into a category, which is why they are in one of their own. I love my guy friends, sometimes more than the girls, simply because of the fact that they are always the first to give you a hug or a smile when you need it most!
  • My family… This category is actually two parts, the family that feels like friends and the friends that feels like family!

I would literally die without my friends. They help me, they keep me sane, they are just the best people on earth. So this one is to all my friends.

I love you all!


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