Hello Bloggers!!

I feel so bad ’cause I missed my own ‘five thing Friday’… Well let’s make it a five thing Sunday for now?!

Today it’s all about remembering!! Five things to remember, when you’re down, when you’re sad or just when you’re bored!!

5. Your friends and family

I know I talk alot about friends and family but it’s just because they are the people who KNOW you, who will dry your eyes after a break-up. Who will bad mouth your ex just to make you feel better. Who will go out ‘man-hunting’ with you even though they are not in the mood. It comes down to this, if you’re sad they WILL cheer you up. Because you matter to them!

4. Being silly

Now there’s a few things under this one, like playing hide and seek, giggling when your crush finds you in a dark closet. Twirling around and falling on the grass, laying there for hours staring at the clouds and making pictures! Singing out loud and not caring who hears. Just let loose a bit and ENJOY live!!!

3. Dancing in the rain…

There’s a quote I love [no idea who said it first!] “whoever said sunshine brings happiness have never danced in the rain” and it’s so true! I mean, just twirling with these little drops of heaven falling on you, skipping around with you best friend and just enjoying the rain, instead of running and crying about your hair getting messed up.

2. Being silent

Lol, kind of a let down after the above. But can you remember the last time when you just sat and think. Think about yourself, other people, live, everything! It kind of makes you feel awake again…


I loooooooooooove coloring in, I have my own coloring book, crayons, pencils, pastels. And every now and then [mostly when I experience writers block] I color. When I’m bored, I color. And it is really therapeutic! It makes you think, it makes you feel young.

This is just me messing around tonight, rediscovering my artistic self and wasting my time.. But it was FUN!!! That is what live is suppose to be about, having fun, being yourself and most importantly, never letting go of YOURSELF!!

Have a great week!


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