Breakup playlist!

So I’m sitting here, pondering on something to write [because I really want to write something!] and on comes one of my favorite songs. “I caught myself” from Paramore.

*I caught myself*

I first came across the song when I listened to the Twilight soundtrack, it kind of got lost in the movie so it wasn’t really meant for me there. But I listened to it all the way through a breakup. It helped me, don’t know how. But it was my ‘best friend’ in that situation.

So I decided to make a ‘playlist’ of my favorite breakup songs. Those songs that make you cry out that last bit of tears. Those songs that you sing aloud to while cursing him in your mind. And the ones that make you smile afterwards even though you know it will hurt for a few more weeks down the line.

  1. Happy- Hillary duff
  2. Someone to fall back on – The Bandslam soundtrack
  3. Need you now – Lady Antebellum
  4. Pictures to burn – Taylor Swift
  5. Bitch – Meredith Brooks
  6. I’m getting over you – The click five
  7. I am  – Hillary duff
  8. This ain’t a love song – Scouting for girls
  9. Crash world – Hillary Duff10.  Too little too late –JoJo
  10. All good things come to an end – Nelly Furtado
  11. Don’t go breaking my heart – Elton john =]
  12. Happy ending – Avril Lavinge
  13. Beter than me – Hinder
  14. Leave me alone (I’m lonely) – Pink
  15. When there was you and me – HSM [sorry for the Disney!]
  16. Just like a pill – Pink
  17. A bad name – Bon Jovi
  18. Zombie – Cranberries
  19. I don’t give a damn – Avril
  20. Heavy cross – The Gossip [actually I just love this song!!]

So I hope this helps you through a breakup or just provides good music to listen to!

Remember, loving yourself is more important than someone else loving you!

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