…to rant about! **

Well after careful [not really] consideration, I choose today’s topic. Mostly because I have a few things I really wanna rant about! Lemme first list them for you, so you decide if you still want to read…

5. Justin Bieber

4. Twilight

3. Men….

2. Fake friends

1. The vampire ‘fad’

So….. Now that you know my objects, still want to read? Good, let’s continue!

5. Justin Bieber…

First off I want to honestly say that I do not have a problem with his music [or that he sings like a twelve year old girl] I have a problem with the fact that so many clueless little kids are falling over their feet for him! Don’t they know that he is just another normal person?! This is completely above my head to comprehend, how is it normal for tweens to suffer nervous breakdowns or causing a rampage?

What also bothers me is that he says he wants a ‘cougar’?!?! WHAT? Is it normal for a 16-year old to talk like this? Why is this not frowned upon, but laughed at?

4. Twilight

Well actually this is based on the whole ‘saga’. The people who know me know my confused feelings on Twilight, I like the movies not the books, and I like the idea but not all of it. Well let me start at the beginning… Or rather more systemized! I enjoy the movies [and books] because it is a good STORY! The whole idea SM had was amazing, and if it was brought through beter, it would have been incredible. But then there are the problems… She really can’t write, vampires NEVER sparkle, and they BURN in the sun. Anything else is absurd unless there is a rational explanation [like Vampire Diaries’ rings]. The whole saga is taken a bit too far according to me; I reckon she could have stopped after the first, because there the story was already exhausted!!

3. Men….

Hmmmmmm, how many times can we rant about them before we used up our amount of freak out? I personally think men should be ranted about daily, because it helps us, and well it prevents us from killing them! Men are so… Conceited! They want you to like them, but when you do, they don’t. When you finally get over them, they go on and on about when you did like them. Do I make sense?  No? Well, never mind that’s normal for me. But I mean, why must men always be on our minds? While I’m ranting, I am still thinking about men, and they are so happy with this ‘hold’ they have over us. I am now single for about 1 and a half months and honestly. I have never been happier. But still I think about men!! ARGH!!!!! Idiots….

Let’s try and be absolute girls, go for manicures and facials, go for GNO’s. ENJOY ourselves without them!!

2. Fake friends…

Wow… so much to say on this subject!!! I despise people who try to be people who they aren’t. Those only texting you when they want something. Those so obsessed with themselves that they don’t really listen when you talk; they only wait for an opening so that they can go on about their lives. This is absurd! Sure, I am also guilty of neglecting my friends, but I try my best not to, some days you just are TOO busy to faff over everyone. But I will always be there when someone needs me. I enjoy helping my friends; I enjoy making them feel beter and most off all I will never let a friend down!!

1. The Vampire Fad

Yes, vampire’s again…

This really annoys me [as you noticed]. Suddenly everyone LOVES vamp’s. They read every book, they watch every show, every movie everything! But why? Because it’s a trend! I read vampire novels before Twilight, I watched vampire stories before Twilight, but some of these people only do so because of Twilight and will stop once it is over. They don’t admire the myths, the beauty of ‘old’ vampires. The think they sparkle….

Sure there are WONDERFUL new vamp books:

  • The Vampire Academy
  • Vampire diaries.

But these books are wonderful because of one simple reason, with a few MINOR adjustments they stay true to the myths and legends!! If you want to read a true vamp book, try The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice…

I am not trying to diss anything, but I just feel that vampires [or any other fictional character] should be loved because they are true to form and really ‘understood’ not just because it’s some fad and everyone is reading or watching it!

Okay… that’s that from me!


2 thoughts on “…to rant about! **

  1. oh my gosh! this post was right on. but you could plug in any name instead of justin bieber..

    twilight,the first review i heard about twilight: sparkles like diamonds.. how is it possible that a vampire could sparkle?! i mean people and animals can’t really sparkle? i mean yes, work my imagination but can we keep it realistic, please?

    men, will be an unending rant. i’m in a situation right now. ugh, that’s my opinion on the subject of men at the moment!

    fakeness… i am personally incapable of being fake. if i like you-you know. if i don’t-you will most definitely know…

    that’s all. i suppose, i added my rantings onto your rants as well…

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