Hmmmm BOOKS!!!

I am an acknowledged book junkie… I can’t go a day without reading, I can’t pass a bookshop without browsing [and mostly buying], a bookshelf is something I have to stop at and I would rather spend money on books than shoes [FREAK!! Well, I try and balance it out].

Last year, after constant begging, I got my dad to build me a bookshelf!! Now I know it’s not very BIG, but it is awesome, I helped building it and did all the paint work! I love it! Ever since I got it, I thought I have an excuse to buy books, [I have to fill the shelves] and I have read almost all of the books on my shelves!

I really want to share some of my favorite books with you! I will just mention them and one day [when I read it again and can give it a valuable evaluation, I will post that!

1. The Harry Potter Series

2. My Vintage Summer – Jane Elmor

3. A song for Summer – Eva Ibbotson

4. A  Tale of Two sisters – Anna Maxted

5.The Girl Next Door – Elizabeth Noble

6. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards

7. Vampire Academy – Shadow Kiss – Mead

8. Dhamphir – Barb & JC Hendee

9. Vampire Chronicles-  Anne Rice [Not mine, but currently rereading!]

10. Pride and Prejudice – Jane AustinWell, that’s my FAV’S!! I adore all these books and will reread them anytime!!! I could recommend all of them to anybody!

Please share your favorite books, I’m always looking for something new to read!

Oh, one day I want to own THIS!!

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Happy days to all!


8 thoughts on “Hmmmm BOOKS!!!

  1. Glad you enjoyed it!! And thanks for commenting!
    Any favorite books??

    Oh, I love those stairs!! Just imagine all the books you could fit in there! =]

  2. Ok – those stairs are awesome!! So is We Heart It. That site is fantastic. Isn’t reading the best feeling? I’m a complete nerd and feel the same as you do about buying books rather than shoes – although I love shoes.

    Have you read any Donald Miller? If not, start with Blue Like Jazz or Through Painted Deserts. Also, I’m a huge fan of The Chronicles of Narnia and also War Child. It’s about the child soldiers in Africa. That book changed my life.

    1. I love We Heart It, spend two hours on it last night just looking at pictures!!

      I cannot live without books, I think I will rather go without food than stop reading =] I will definitely try one of his books! Narnia is amazing and I am ashamed to say that I only read them after my sister threatened me! LOL.
      Will also try War Child. If you wanna read a book that will always stay in your mind try The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I brought it early this year and have read it three times now and still cry when I read it!

  3. So, I know that this is a really old post … but I wanted to see what your tagged books! posts were. And my eyes got SO big when I saw that AWESOME BOOKSHELF!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and now will have to go on my “covet it” list.

    My number one all time favorite books are the Harry Potter series as well. I own numerous copies … all of the American … I’m missing one of the British covers … I’m planning on starting the “adult covers” next! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I haven’t read anything else on your list (besides Anne Rice) except for Memory Keeper’s daughter. I’m glad that you enjoyed it … but I thought it was a complete bore. I remember reading through it and my brain was going “blah blah blah blah blah” 😦

    1. Lol, I see you have to same book addiction as I… Hehe
      I am in desperate search for the first 3 HP’s… I only started reading them after the 4th was released, which was when I started buying them…

      I LOVE Anne Rice!!!

      That’s sad! I kinda loved it, there was a few times where I thought it was FAAAAAAR-fetched, and very over-done, but all in all I thought it was good, it made me cry!

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