Ohhh, Mommy! I want one of these!!!


Well while watching Glee with my sister this afternoon, I realized I want one of THESE!

So I decided to look around and find more ‘presents’ I would love in my Christmas stocking!

Nate from Gossip Girl… Yum!!!

Stefan from Vampire Dairies!!

Heath Ledger… Swoon! [I am so sad this guy was taken from us so soon!]

Taylor Lauthner… SO HOT!

Damon from Vampire Dairies [aka Ian Somerhalder]

Chuck, Nate and Dan from Gossip Girl!

A yummy looking cupcake!

My very own Wonka Bar!!

Awesome guitars like this!

To be as awesome and carefree as this little girl..

And finally…….

A lifetime supply of coffee that looks this YUMMY [or any coffee]

Hope you enjoyed my wishlist! LOL, let’s hope we get one of them one day! =]

Happy day lovely people!!

PS, what would you wish for if you could be outrageous and get anything you want!!


2 thoughts on “Ohhh, Mommy! I want one of these!!!

  1. Where to start…I’ve narrowed it down to 3 things.

    1. Taylor Lautner, woo-hoo!
    2. That’s an awesome picture of the butterfly in the coffee.
    3. Did you know they are doing the Golden Ticket contest for the Wonka Bars. I haven’t won yet. =(

    1. Hey!
      Taylor Lautner is DIVINE! and I will fall for him anyday!

      I am so going to go buy me a Wonka bar today! I also want a golden Ticket!!

      Thanks for reading…

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