Just another day… *


Woah! I am soooo lazy! Is that normal???

Well I have done a few things today…

  • I went to write practice tests for my learners permit
  • I discovered a car that I REALLY want!!!
  • I cleaned the house
  • I drank too little coffee… that reminds me, BRB, gonna make me some java!
  • Yummmm!
  • [okay I’m back] I wrote again, for the first time this week, 3 pages!! And edited a whole chapter!!
  • And last but NEVER least, I painted my nails…. GREY!!

Yeah yeah I know not really a day to get ‘lazy’ about, but I just feel SO lazy!!!

Also, while procastinating, I discovered this AMAZING cartoonist!


You just have to visit this guys’ blog!! [Ohhhhh this coffee is so good! have you ever tried adding a hint of vanilla essence in coffee?]

I’m not really sure what I’m blogging about here… Coffee? Cartoons? My nails? Lazy??

*sigh* My mind is a mess!

Awwww, no! My coffee is finished! Now I am sad!!

Well, on that note…

Happy days Bloggers!!

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