Soccer fever?!?!

So after careful consideration and prevention I finally fell into the pits of Soccer World Cup fever!


I mean it is quite hard not to suddenly be a soccer fan if you are living in the host land!! And so near to a lot of stadiums. Not that I am going to a match, but the closer it gets, [a few hours now almost!] the more energy there is in the air.

So I decided I should at least have a team to support now that I am into all of this ‘soccer fever’. So after very careful and long [few minutes] I decided on two teams, that’s now except for SA’s own team.


from Google Images

And England!!


I wanted to go Brazil, Portugal or Argentina, but decided it’s kind of over rated! So cliché… And most girls only support them because they have YUMMY guys!

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony and I believe it will be spectacular! I may just watch it… =]

Let’s hope Spain, England and Bafana don’t disappoint!

Who are you rooting for?

Love! ☺


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