Carrie’s life! Chapter 3!!

Chapter 3

My books tumbled out of my arms for the second time that day as I slid down to the ground.

“Oh, I am so sorry, I didn’t see you there!”

“No, don’t worry it’s my fault, I was running like a maniac round that corner anyways.” I looked up from my books, only to find Daniel staring back at me.

Daniel was popular, but not the snobbish, player popular. Just the normal friends with every one kind of popular. I knew him from what I saw, but I doubted that he knew me.

He helped me up and returned my books to my arms. I smiled at him and started walking away; he grabbed my arm and looked at me intensely.

“What’s your name?”

See, I knew he didn’t know who I was. “Carrie,” I replied and walked away.


I rushed into my gym shorts and top and ran out to the track, after a quick, “Sorry I’m late” to Coach, I ran around the track, trying not to think about my day.

“Hey late-ass” Allie popped up besides me and we jogged together.

“You know me,” I replied, “Always late.”

Allie laughed, “But you don’t usually blush because you are late, do you?”

“Well no, but I do when Daniel Egan runs into me…”

“Daniel? Daniel Daniel??”

Now, Daniel was handsome, brown hair, blue eyes, built body, tall. A perfect popular…

“Yes Al, Daniel Daniel.”

“You have to tell me everything!”

“There is not much to tell, he ran into me, picked up my books, asked for my name and then I left.”

Allie stared at me and we ran the last few meters full-out as the bell rang. Allie continued to cross-examine me while we were dressing and all the way out of the school building.

“Allie! He just bumped into me! It’s nothing!” I yelled as I finally had enough.

She just smiled slyly and said, “then why is he standing next to your car?” before quickly running of to her car before I could even register her words.


I stared at Daniel leaning against the drivers’ door of my Mazda 3, a 17 birthday present, and slowly walked to the car.

“Hey, Daniel. Waiting for something?”

He laughed and replied, “Yes, you. I just wanted to apologize again for trampling you in the hallway.”

“It’s okay, really.” I said and pushed him lightly aside to open my door.

“It won’t be until I get to buy you coffee. Please?”

I looked at him and decide for once to ignore the mumbling voice inside my head.

“Fine,” I smiled and got into my car.

“4 o’clock? The Chill Bar?”

“See you there,” I replied while starting the car.

“Can’t wait Carrie,” He said just as I reversed away.

The Chill Bar was the most amazing coffee shop any one could ever imagine. It had every possible flavor of coffee, and I just loved the place. It’s specifically designed for teenagers and it was a very popular hang out for every one in our school.


As I parked my car outside the house I looked on my watch, 15:15. I only had three-quarters of an hour to get ready. I quickly ran upstairs after I locked the front door behind me. As always after school I first had a shower, I just hate school grime and then I got dressed.

Another skinny jean got picked along with a longish green shirt. I put on my black gladiator sandals and went to sit in front of the mirror. My black hair got a quick blow wave and I put on some Black eyeliner. I looked at myself in the mirror and was satisfied with what I saw.

Not looking to pretty, but like I made an effort, I mean Daniel is the most popular guy in school, and even if this is just an ‘I’m sorry’-coffee, I hadn’t had a date since January, after James and I broke up.

I slapped on some lip-gloss and saw that it was already five to four. After a quick note for my mom telling her where I’m at, I ran out of the house once again and into my car.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~3rd Person*~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
(WRITERS’ NOTE: I just feel this part needs to be objective)

Daniel was already seated at a small table for two when Carrie came inside the shop.

“Can I help you miss?” the waitress asked as Carrie entered.

“No thanks, I’m meeting some one” Carrie saw Daniel in the corner and walked over to him.

Daniel stood up as Carrie approached him, he gave her a hug and they both sat down.
“Wow, if I knew we were suppose to get dressed up for sorry-coffee, I would have looked as nice as you do.”

Carrie glared at him and said, “I’m a girl, we enjoy looking nice”

“Oh, we enjoy it too, believe me.” Daniel laughed and summoned the waiter over.

“Two Iced Choccochino’s please”

Carrie looked at Daniel as he ordered and tried to shake the weird feeling she had away.

Daniel on the other hand looked at peace and very happy to be there.

And it was also Daniel who started up the conversation again.
“So, how come I haven’t seen you in school before?”

“Because the popular crowd doesn’t usually notice me.”

“Why?” Daniel asked confused.

“Because my best friend is gay.” Carrie replied, straightforward as always.

“That weird Oliver dude.”

“No, that normal Oliver dude.” Carrie looked challenging at Daniel as their drinks arrived.

“Okay okay, calm down girl.” Daniel laughed.

“No, Daniel. There’s a lot I can take, but never insult my friends.”

“Carrie please, I’m trying to get to know you. And clearly I’m not doing a great job at that.”

Carrie laughed and suddenly felt more comfortable, as if that small fight made everything better. The two off them chatted for hours that night, until Carrie’s mom phoned her at nine to remind her that she had school tomorrow.

“Come, I’ll drive behind you, some one has to make sure you don’t get into trouble.”

Daniel lightly hugged her and so a wonderful night had to end….

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

O.M.Gosh!! That was the most amazing night!! Okay, we did hit a glitch at the beginning of the evening, bit it only got more amazing after that. We talked about absolutely every thing, from useless groups in school to Black Sabbath. And I think I’m falling, for the first time in 8 months I’m falling again…

I just hope Daniel doesn’t just use me, or become a snob and don’t want to be seen with me or well just break my heart. I know it’s stupid and dumb to fall for some one on your first date, but I’m not really falling falling, I just really like him…

I pulled on my PJ’s and climbed in under my duvet before pulling out my phone.

**5 new messages**

ALLYCAT: Hey girl, whr r u??

OGuy: Babez, me & J needs ur help.

OGuy: So ur nt gonna hlp?

DANNY: Hi, thanx fr a gr8 nite. C u 2moz. mwa*

OGuy: CALL ME!!!

I laughed silently at Oliver and replied to Daniel before I phoned Oliver.

**Hey D! 2nite ws amazing, cnt wait 4 nxt tym. swt drmz. Mwa**

I quickly typed in Oliver’s number and listened as the phone ringed on the other side…

“Carrie!! Why didn’t you reply to any of my texts?”

“I have a live OJ!”

“Oh, what where you doing? Reading Harry Potter for the tenth time?”

“Bite me! I was drinking coffee with someone. Now what did you want Ollie?”


“No one, tell me what you wanted?”

“We need help with Romeo and Juliet. And you are the cleverest person in the whole grade.”

“Flattery will get you no where. Who are we?”

“Me and Jake?”

“You know how I feel about Romeo and Juliet”

“And still you get an A. Please Carrie, we are begging.”

“Tomorrow after school, my house.”

“Thanks Babe!!! You are a lifesaver.”

“Night Oliver.”


I put the phone down and dove back into my day-dream about how amazing tonight was until I fell asleep.



I sprang awake as my alarm clock sounded and turned on my radio as Iron Man from Black Sabbath played. It is the perfect wake up song. I danced my way to the shower and relaxed under the hot water as I washed my hair and body.

After I was finished in the bathroom I ran down the stairs to get me some coffee.

“Morning Mom! Morning Seth!” I greeted my mom and little brother before running back upstairs with my cup of coffee. I was rarely this energetic in the morning…

My clothes for the day consisted of a short knee-length jean short, a longish black crop top and a long pink necklace. Once again my gladiator sandals was pulled onto my feet and I pulled my hair into a messy bun after I towel dried it.

I drained the last of my coffee and skipped down the stairs only to remember I forgot my phone and ran back up again.

**1 new message**

ALLYCAT: Hey grl, could I get a lift plz? M car is stubborn.

After a quick piece of toast and a goodbye to Mom and Seth, I was finally ready for school. And smiling all the way.

As I pulled to a stop in front of Allie’s house I softly honked once and saw Allie running out.

“Hey Al’z!” I greeted her as she jumped into the front seat.

“Hey C! So what happened yesterday?”

“Yesterday?” I asked, playing dumb.

“You know, with Daniel.”

“Well, he just apologized again.”


“Asked me to go drink coffee with him.”


“I said yes.” I was beginning to enjoy this torture.

“And then??”

I laughed out loud and pulled into the school parking lot.

“We just talked and well, I really did have a great time. I may just like him.”

“Just be careful, babe” Allie warned half way out of the car.

“Why thought? I want to fall. I want to be happy.”

“Well start falling, C” She replied and looked over my shoulder at something before quickly walking away.

I twisted around and was amazed by the sight in front of me…

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Daniel’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Today I decided to surprise Carrie, yesterday was the most amazing time I have ever spend with a girl and I needed to show her that. She had to know I liked her. Even if I was popular and she wasn’t really, I liked her and that’s why I brought her the biggest teddy bear I could find at 8 o’clock in the morning.

It was pitch-black, almost as high as a small child and held a huge pink flower in his hands. I thought it was adorable and just the right amount of sweet not to say anything too clingy as of yet. And also the best way to get a girl to fall…

I smiled as I got closer to her and everyone in the parking lot turned to stare. Her eyes were wide in amazement and her mouth formed an unsure smile.

“Hey Carrie” I said as I reached her. She was standing next to her car, with the door still open behind her.

“Daniel,” She replied breathless.

I handed her the teddy bear and laughed at the expression on her face.

“Why?” It looked like that was the only words she could get out of her mouth.

I laughed again, “because you told me last night how much you liked teddies and I just happened to see this one and thought you would love it.”

“OH! I do!” She threw the teddy bear into her car and threw her arms around my neck, whispering a sweet ‘thank you’ into my ear.

I hugged her tightly and laughed as I saw her feet lifted of the ground as I hugged her.

Softly, I put her back on solid ground and closed her door with the bear sitting behind the steering wheel.

“Let’s go Shorty,” I joked as put my arm around her shoulders.

“Hey!” She softly hit me on the shoulder with her fist, “I’m not short, you are just abnormally long!”

We both laughed as we walked into the school building and I hugged her again as we went in different directions for our lockers. Carrie started walking away, but I just stood there looking at her, not believing she’s already starting to fall.

Just as Carrie made to turn around the corner, she turned back and noticed me still looking at her, she laughed at me, gave me a little wave and wink then walked out of sight.

“Whoa man!” I turned to see Darren, my best mate looking at me strangely.

“What man?” I asked as I turned around towards my own locker.

“That look only means you have fallen. And from what I heard, you have fallen.”

“What did you hear?”

“Well, Larissa enjoys gossiping and every one saw you giving that Carrie-girl a huge bear.” Larissa is Darren’s’ girlfriend, a total cheerleader, only bred to gossip and shop.

“And?” I replied, “Can’t I give a girl something without the whole school knowing about it?”

“Dude, as long as her gay friend leaves us alone, we don’t care.”

“You people are so prejudiced,” I said to him starting to lose my temper. I got out my books for first period and closed my locker. “It’s my life, man.”

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Walking through the corridor towards my locker I could feel the eyes on me. Absolutely EVERYONE saw Daniel and that huge bear. I secretly smiled to myself and loved every moment. I can be spontaneous as well; I don’t need to wait for something planned. I don’t need ‘the perfect guy’. I just wanted this.

Daniel clearly adored me, and I could say I felt any different. He made me smile, he understood me, Gosh, and he even ordered me the right coffee drink without even asking.

I was still smiling as I walked to English, basking in my own happiness for once and not caring about what any one else had to say!

As I came into the classroom, I saw Jake sitting with Allie and Oliver and realized not even he can spoil my mood right now. I never felt higher…

“Good morning, gorgeous people!” I greeted my friends as I sat down next to Allie, in front of Oliver and Jake.

“Whoa, some one is happy…” Oliver replied and winked at Allie.

I looked suspiciously between the two, “What did you tell?” I asked Allie.

“Just that you had a little date… And got a small surprise this morning. Well not that small from what I saw.”

Oliver laughed and asked, “So are we still on for this afternoon? Romeo and Juliet?”

“O, yeah. I just have to drop of Allie, and then we can meet at my house.”

“No, it’s fine,” Allie interjected, “I will come with. I always need more help on this crap” She motioned towards her books and we all burst out laughing.

Nothing could break my mood today, I thought as Mrs. Wilkins enters the class. And so another boring hour of Shakespeare history droned on…


4 thoughts on “Carrie’s life! Chapter 3!!

  1. ugh such a cliff-hanger!!! lol! sounds like my latest post except yours is a fiction (i think) and can go any way you want. .. ugh life sometimes 🙂

  2. Hehe, a good writer lives on cliff-hangers! =]
    Yip, total fiction.
    But your real live cliff hanger is much more intense!! I hope he mails you!!

    1. oh my goodness. i don’t think i can handle cliff-hangers in my life! lol, what is worse is that i want HIM to email me FIRST and it bites that I have his email address too. But I’m shooting for a busy weekend so maybe when I come into work on Monday. I have a lovely email from him… ahhaha.. hey one can dream right?! If not, i guess i’ll sadly have to progress this thing along

      1. But of course he must make the first move!! If he doesn’t [within a week] I’d say send him a mail, but like something you’d sent to everyone. One of that annoying funny mails that circulate the web ten times a year…
        Good luck!!

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