Carrie’s life! Chapter 5….

Chapter 5

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

I sat alone in my car, my head against the steering wheel, I’d just dropped of Allie and is now sitting in front of the small Chinese restaurant Daniel asked me to meet him at. It is five to six and I can’t get myself to get out of the car.

I don’t know what I’m thinking. Why am I still sitting here??

Daniel is probably inside already… Then I hear Jake’s words…

“And for how long have you and Daniel known each other….”

How did he know that was what was on my mind the whole day?! I have only known Dan for one day, but I know him! We have a connection and I know he likes me!!

Yes, I heard the rumors, I replied to the silly little voice in my head. The rumors of all the girls he had already slept with this year…

I shake the thoughts out of my head and open my door; I quickly get out and shut my door. I walk briskly into the restaurant and ask for Daniel Egan. The waiter showed me towards a tiny table in the back and all thoughts left my head as I looked into Daniel eyes…. Now I know why I fell.

Daniel stood up and hugged me before pulling out my chair for me. I smiled at him and started relaxing. Tonight is going to be just as good as yesterday!


I let out a big sigh. WOW…. Was the only way to explain this night.

We talked for hours, we laughed, and we had fun and most of all I had the most amazing time ever!! He kissed me over and over again and each time my heart flopped over. Never had I felt this way… Jake is simple to think we don’t know each other good enough. This is going to go very good. I know this…

I softly fell asleep with a smile on my face and dreams in my head….


The week went by in a flash, my friends came for an English tutoring session every afternoon and Daniel and I had lunch together every day.

We met each other every night, in restaurants, on my front lawn, in the park and of course in our coffee shop. It was a magical week, a magical relationship. Never had I had anything like this before…

I was flying on a fluffy pink cloud, the world around me seized to exist and I went on to live in a world where everything was perfect.

I still haven’t got my sketch pad back, Jake misplaced it apparently. But I started to enjoy painting… I was working on a still life of a wood landscape. But I missed my portrait drawings.

It was late Sunday night and I was playing around on Facebook when I noticed I had a friend request.


I clicked on the ADD button and almost instantly I received a message at the bottom of my screen.

JAKE## hey C

ME## hey J

JAKE## so you and lover boy still going strong?

ME## all the way…

JAKE## still not thinking its all too fast?

ME## never.  I actually like him!

JAKE## what a great basis for a relationship…



I scowled at the screen and then remembered he cannot see me. I then logged out of Facebook and turned on my radio. And ironically enough the song that started playing was “Tell me something I don’t know” By Selena Gomez.

I turned off the radio and decided to go for a shower. As I got into the shower I started thinking, maybe the reason I get so pissed at Jake is because what he is saying is true. Because he is just telling me what I know, but don’t want to admit….

Daniel is so perfect, and I already can’t imagine a day without him near. Perhaps I am falling too hard too fast, but I enjoy this feeling. I think…


The next few weeks melted together, and before I could blink it was my and Daniel’s two month anniversary, 9 November…

He was taking me out to the little Chinese restaurant where we had our second date and I was extremely excited.

After I had taken a long bath and washed my hair I started picking out my clothes, a pink dress with huge black flowers on it, the dress ended a few inches above my knees and had a big white belt around my middle.

I added a 2 long black necklaces and plain black stilettos that accented my legs. My hair was softly blown out and my make up consisted on only black eyeliner and pale pink gloss.

I was just finishing with a pink bangle on my wrist when I heard my mom at the front door; I rushed down the steps and saw Daniel waiting for me… He looked delicious, I met him at the door with a hug and after a quick goodbye to my parents we walked out to his car.

As he opened the door for me he gave me a kiss and said, “You look good” with a smug smile on his face.

We drove to the restaurant and then he surprised me by turning off to early, I looked at him, startled.

“What now?” I ask and look around me.

“I decided I don’t want the restaurant anymore.”

I started feeling excited at the thought of only us two alone, in the past two months, we never spent time alone alone, there were always people around, and I wondered what romantic setting he had set up this time. Remembering the teddy and all the other romantic stuff he loved doing for me.

Then he turned into the parking lot at the park, he stepped out of the car and opened my door for my, he helped me out and blind folded me. Then he picked me up like a baby in his arms.

I giggle and ask, “What are you doing Danny?”

“I want to surprise you,” He replies and after a brief walk he puts me down on a soft blanket.

I take of the blind fold and see nothing but the blanket around me, no food, no people, no light and no candlelight and surprises.

Daniel, what are you doing,” I ask, starting to get a bit freaked out….


Well there you go! A good little cliffhanger just cause I can =]

Hope you enjoy it!!


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