Journal entry 2 and a bit!

Hmmmm I need heat!!! I am surprised I can still write with frozen fingers!!

So I want to show you all my second journal entry…

Journal Prompt Number 2: What is the BEST part of your day?

This is the entry for Tuesday, June 15! Enjoy it… =]

I hope you can actually read what I wrote… =]

But if you can’t it mostly comes down to the fact that I love the moments I get to be alone with my books!!!


Yesterday was the best, even thought I froze my fingers off, I had an amazing day! Me and my sister went to the movies! It’s kind of a regular occurence, but yesterday was WOW… Because we watched the most amazing movie Letters to Juliet… It was the second time I watched it and it was still so unbelievably amazing!! I felt so happy leaving the theater, as if nothing could go wrong and my life is now complete. Go watch that movie guys. It will make your month!!!

Now I’m gonna go and work on my day 3’s entry!



6 thoughts on “Journal entry 2 and a bit!

  1. You’re so darn cute!! Your favorite things are pretty much the same as mine. 🙂 Love it!!! It looks as though I should watch that movie you mentioned as well. I’ll get on that. Good luck with Day #3!! I can’t wait to see it.

  2. I’ve never read the vampire Anne Rice books, but I keep meaning to. I read a book she wrote about witches awhile ago.

    I’m hoping to go see Letters to Juliet this weekend, so I’m glad you liked it!

    1. Witches?? I’m in!!! What’s the book’s name?? I am loving her vampires… I have read Interview with a Vampire before as well as half of Vampire Lestat, but then had to return the book to my friend. Now I’m a hundred pages away from the end of Lestat and I am addicted!!

      Enjoy it! And please do feel happy after wards =]

  3. I am so going to read that! There are a few books in life I buy just because they handle about something and one of those things is witches… And I trust in Anne Rice to bring me a good book. =]

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