Love all around… =]

It’s not freezing anymore!! Just though I’d share that with y’all. It’s still cold, but at least now I can hang up the washing without it freezing… =]

So today’s journal entry was about blog’s I love! YEAH!! This was fairly easy and quick to do, as I had blogged about it only a few days ago.. Here’s my page for today!!!

I think it’s kinda cute! =]

And in the essence of my coldness I decided on a nice FIVE THING FRIDAY idea…

Five things to do when it is cold!!

5. Go Coffeeshop hopping with friends, check out all the local coffeeshops, compare them and maybe get a new favorite!

[image from]

4. Drink hot chocolate… Nothing warms you up like hot chocolate! [and coffee]

[image from]

3. Snuggle with a book in bed! Yummy time!

[another image!]

2. If the wind isn’t blowing, take a blanket and go lay in the sun! You’ll soak up some Vitamin D and feel a lot warmer!!

[once again, from weheartit!]

1!!! Have a DVD-day with all your girliez! You can watch chick-flicks, drink hot choc, snack and no one needs to know =]

[ ofcourse….]

So I hope you enjoyed that post! And you don’t have to wait for the cold to do all this, it’s fun all year round!


6 thoughts on “Love all around… =]

    1. You may! AHHHHH I LOVE that movie, have you watched Sense and Sensibility yet??? Just as good! I love Chick-Flick days, last year for my B-day me made a day out of it, me and three of my bestest friends!

    1. My mom makes the most amazing Hot choc, I must confessed I never had a big liking in it, but now I’m almost loving it as much as coffee!

      Thanx! I enjoy working on the pictures a lot!!

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