Happiness all around! {journal 7}

Today’s prompt was all about how I am feeling, and I loved this!! Today is one of those “jumping” days! I want to jump around, giggle, I might even dance in the rain! =] I want to soak up the sun, drive everyone mad and just be happy!!

But first, yesterdays prompt. It was about TIME…

“Draw something that represents time and then make a list of things you need to do at this time of your life/day/week.”

I personally LOVE this page…..

Now, the page for today. It is [as I have mentioned] all about how I’m feeling!

So, what do you think? Do you think it’s ‘ME’ enough??

While I was doodling away, I decided to make myself a nice opening page for this journal challenge!

I think it looks pretty… Hope you all had an AMAZING father’s day and gave all your Daddy’s a hug! And for those of you who’s dads are not here anymore, I am so sorry that you have to endure that, I hope there was enough words in the world to console you!

Last but not least! A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Thought’s Appear! Hope it was awesome!!!



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