I am a huge case of guilty at this moment!! I have neglected my blog big time!! But it’s not my fault!! Okay maybe it is…

Last week was fun! Me and my best friend [bunny] went exercising every day, we held sleep-overs, we partied a bit this weekend, and she helped me with my journal challenge! But this week is going to be more of the same. We are still busy exercising [it’s for her college program!] So I won’t have much time for blogging or writing!

I am still doing the challenge, I am just too busy to post the pictures… I will get them up this week! I promise I will try my best. And I will post the next chapter for Carrie! But that’s all I can promise. A decent blog post needs more time, which I don’t have now!

I am sorry and will make it up to you!!



6 thoughts on “SORRY!!!!

  1. There are hundreds of millions of Blogs out there, and about 99% have been abandoned. So no fear and no apologies necessary 😉 keep on blogging and people will keep on reading.

    And remember (since I’m talking statistics) less than 1% of readers (!) leave comments, even if they love your content.

  2. Thanx!! I needed that, I am worried most of the time that I have so little comments. But then some one like you come along, put a smile on my face and I remember why I am the writer I am…
    To speak to people and make an impact, even if it is just one person, to put a smile on their faces. Like you do every morning to me =]
    Keep on Thinkering!!

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