Journal entries 8 to 11!


I’m back! AND I”M SICK…. I hate it! I feel blotchy, I look blotchy, and I’m very sure I smell blotchy! But that’s what winter does to me…

So I’m a bit behind on posting journal challenge pictures, even thought I am up to date!

Here it goes!!

Day 8… Illustrate an inside joke.

This one was hard; I couldn’t remember any inside jokes! [WHAT? ? ? ? ?] But once I started it flowed

Day 9… Describe a person close to you in as much words as possible and different fonts!

This was fun! I took my sister again and then decided to get a word for every letter in the alphabet! I must say I enjoyed it. The picture is taken in her room, between her stuff =]

Day 10… What do I collect?

Another fun one!!! The most obvious one there was my books =] the rest was stuff I didn’t even know I collected until I looked around me. My table is scattered with nail polish. I have about 20 teddies in my room, the cupboard is filled with my cups and every time I get money I buy either a jean or boots…

Day 11… Stuff I love, in specific categories….

This was very [self] exploring!! Honestly. But I loved it, very much!

Now that’s all the pictures I have, but more to be coming very soon! As well as a gym blog… Oh the joy! =]

Day 12-16 coming soon!

Love always


6 thoughts on “Journal entries 8 to 11!

  1. I love it!!! Although I am a bit behind.. Still at episode 2 of season 4… But I can’t find the rest!!! 😦

    Imagine Nougat Cupcake Pizza’s…
    Ewwwwwwww okay now I have the munchies 🙂

  2. You should do it! It’s so much fun!
    Join the challenge! Janel over at Run with Scissors is running the show, the button should lead you to her blog.
    Even if you are behind you could still do it?!?!?

      1. I must say time gets to me too. But I love it that I can take an hour a day and just doodle, draw, colour and express myself. AMAZING creativity booster!

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