Three overplayed songs I love anyway

I love these songs… I sing along top of my voice, I dance and I jive and I scare my dog =]

But point stays, these 3 songs rule!! And all three of them have a special meaning…

12 thoughts on “Three overplayed songs I love anyway

  1. Those are DEFINITELY overplayed songs. But, I do like Alejandro. I used to like Lady Antebellum’s song … but I’m not a fan of the guy only wanting to see her because he’s “a little drunk.”

  2. What? No “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco??? Sorry, I guess that was a little before your time….. I am getting old….

    1. Excuse me Sir Idiot… But I happen to be the greatest 80’s fan! And Rock me Amadeus is on my computer and phone and a few mix CD’s!! =]
      It’s just not that overplayed… =]

  3. OK, you can come into Nutville….but NO Justin Bieber music allowed! That’s a hard rule that we WILL enforce! 🙂

  4. No Bieber! Nothing related to Bieber! You can no longer even type the word Bieber! The next time the Nutville Police catch you using the word Bieber….You will be repeatedly flogged across the skull with the closest small domesticated pet that the Officers can find! Have a great day….remember….

    We will be watching!….

    1. 8-l
      [that’s my scared face]
      I solemnly swear to never type THAT word again. I will use Beaver from now on to describe THAT person =]
      Have an idiotically nutty day!!

      1. Will do! We will be watching you (holds two fingers up to eyes and then points fingers at computer monitor)

        1. Are you by any chance a How I Met Your Mother fan? Because that whole sentence [holds two fingers up to eyes and then points fingers at computer monitor]just SCREAMED Barney….

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