Journal entries 12 – 18 [and a little more]

Morning world!!!

Woah, I sound way too cheerful for this early in the morning. But I must say, I feel Cheerful!! =]

So behold… MY TRENDS…

This was a fun page! BTW. This was day 12! I’m not that good at following trends, mostly I do what I want, dress like I want, but now and then stuff I love becomes trendy! =]

DAY 13… My insecurities…

I didn’t like this page, as it made me actually realize what I am afraid of, what makes me weak and what gets me down…


DAY 14.. What makes you wonderful?!?!

Now this was a fun page, although all the things was supposed to come from me, I couldn’t think of any but a few! And then I was left with a big open page… So I asked my friend [SUZY] what makes me wonderful and she rumbled of words so quickly I almost didn’t have time to write it all down! It made me so glad that I appear to be such a great friend!!

Day 15… My goals for July…

Lets hope I keep by them!! I hope I do…

DAY 16! What are you wearing today… Lolz

Do this page need a subtitle… =]

DAY 17!! Illustrate a day…

I choose TODAY [well the 30th]


And then DAY 18! I was supposed to make a playlist or list just a few songs I love…

Of course I’m terribly bad at taking orders… So I wrote down almost every song I love! In five categories.

  • All time faves
  • Current hits
  • Local songs
  • Mood lifters
  • Songs that remind me of him…

I know the songs isn’t really readable, and I was going to list them all in a separate post, but that would take LOOOOONG, so I decided to follow The Idiot\’s example and list a few songs.

Okay that doesn’t make sense. I am going to shuffle my playlist on the computer [since I mostly listen music on here] and write down the first ten songs that comes up.

It’s a great way of getting to know ‘me’ and make fun of my everyday listenings =]

  1. You set me free – Michelle Branch
  2. Prelude 741 – AFI
  3. SOmeone to fall back on – Bandslam soundtrack
  4. The bird and the worm – Owl CIty
  5. Complicated – Avril Lavigne
  6. Paparazzi – Lady GaGa
  7. Isn’t it Ironic – Alannis Morisette
  8. The Right kind of Wrong – Leann Rimes
  9. It’s my life – Bon Jovi
  10. Bitch – Meredith Brooks

Such a randon bunch of songs…. HOpe you enjoyed the insight into my journal and music!

Have a wonderful day!

Love =]

10 thoughts on “Journal entries 12 – 18 [and a little more]

    1. Lol, thanks! I couldn’t think of a lot that makes me feel ‘insecure’ And all of the stuff that does, is in some way connected to my writing…
      Thanks for reading!!

  1. Good Gal….no Bieber! I was listening to “Bitch” just last night in the car with my 13yr old…..he looked at me and said “Dad….did that lady just say what I thought she said?” I looked at him and asked “What did you think she said?” He replied “Sounds like she said BITCH”….I glared over at him and barked “Watch your mouth son! Watch your mouth!”

    1. Lol, lucky for my the Beaver wasn’t on the first ten songs. But he was indeed number 12… =]
      I love “Bitch” it’s me and my sisters’ song! Whenever the world annoys us we belt it out like there is no worries. I must say it helps!
      Your poor little son!! =D

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It was really cool to get into someone’s head for a moment by seeing the different thoughts you sketched out. Makes me want to start sketching for fun again 🙂

    1. Thanx!! I enjoyed most of these pages! Once I have taken photo’s of the rest, there will be more!!

      If you do, I’d love to see some! I adore art =]

  3. Loving your journals … mine have gotten rushed and not at all colorful. I’m hoping to change that for the ones coming up ;-/

    Your play list of cds is SUCH a cool idea!!!

    1. I hate a boring looking page… It’s a curse. I have to decorate, colour in, etc. Which is why my table is a mess of crayons and fine ink pens =]

      Can’t wait to see more of your entries, so far I am really enjoying them!

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