You need to see this!

I’m in a comic strip!

For real! The amazing Reudor from Thinkering have guest visiting him almost every day, and today it was my turn, and I didn’t even know it!

When I got to today’s comic and I saw ‘myself’ I was slightly jumping up and down, and then looked around my room to see if any one noticed my freak out [the dog did, she is still avoiding me]

Go check out the strip! It is awesome, so is the rest of his blog!!

Bey bey bloggers!



10 thoughts on “You need to see this!

  1. Hahaha, thats so awesome, I would have a mini-freakout too! (and hey, at least animals can’t tell anyone else!)

    1. Hehe so true! I think my teddies and dogs holds the most of my secrets! As I tend to speak to myself and they are always around to listen!
      But i adore this strip!!!

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