Funny vampire [Twilight] post

This is the most hilarious, true thing I have read about Twilight!

Go check it out. This is not my opinion [though I agree with it] but I find it very funny!


14 thoughts on “Funny vampire [Twilight] post

  1. Ah, amazingly funny en true!! Id like to meet that guy… Hanna Hoekom is a show now, will be amazing!!!

  2. OMG, this is hilarious!

    Oh and remember that post about taht guy I randomly met at an amusement from my high school days? yes! he emailed me 🙂

      1. he reintroduced himself as the dude i rode with on silver bullet at knotts berry farm. LOL. cute, i suppose, considering a girl that he was with was sitting in-between us. Haha.

  3. My husband sent me the link to the youtube version of that, it’s so true…I laughed my head off, lol (I really laughed when he calls her Lego Brick!).

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