Well, do you like it now or not??


Every one that knows ME, knows I adore vampires… I have ever since I started reading and WAY before the Twilight-hype.

But ever since the whole T-hype I started questioning my sanity. I mean THEY SPARKLE!! ???

The first time I read Twilight, it was just after a break-up, a year before the hype. My friend borrowed me the book, thinking it would help me get over my heartache. And it did.  I fell in love with it. I loved the idea of a guy caring that much and I read over the bad grammar and BAAAAAD ideas. Then the movie came out. I kinda liked it, but ever so suddenly the whole world liked it, because ‘Edward is like so totally hot’ HUH?

I didn’t understand, a year ago no one KNEW Twilight, now everyone is reading it. First I thought ‘hey at least they are reading’…

Then my sister brought me the book and I read it again. Open-minded and a little less sad than the first time, and I noticed how badly it’s written. I came across faults editors should’ve picked up [eg. Chagrin=it means annoyance. In Twilight it is used 7 different times, for different meanings] [Chapter 12]

But going on… I realized I didn’t LIKE it anymore. Sure, the story is good, the idea is workable, but I hated the sparkliness. [I read Anne Rice as my first Vamp book=my vamp ‘bible’] and Twilight dissed all ‘known’ vampire facts…

So out of interest I read the rest of the series [I cannot leave a series of books unfinished] and I found more and more faults… In book 4, it was in Jacob’s half, and suddenly there are about three pages from Bella’s side! And I have a LOT of issues about her plot… But I am not a critic or anything noticeable, thus I will keep those ravings for myself! Book 2 and 3 was very good to me; still there was a bad writing scheme, bad grammar etc. But at least Edward was missing right? Wrong. She finds a way to get him in there, ‘talking’ to Bella. He wants to kill himself for her after he thinks she is dead [such a good message to teens and pre-teens] and the ‘love story side’ is predictable. You can’t even hope she will fall for Jacob, because she isn’t that strong of a character to make that choice. She is destined to be with Edward ever since they ‘fell in love’ [in a few days!!]

But this weekend I succumbed and went to watch Eclipse. Now I have one very very very big weakness, Taylor Lautner

I would go to Hollywood this second if I knew I stood a chance with him!! So I wanted to see him, a good enough reason for an 18-year old to go to a movie. And I hate to say this, but I enjoyed it a lot… I still can’t stand Edward, thought he only sparkles twice the whole movie… But for some reason he repulsed me. [I AM NOT TEAM ANYTHING BTW] I enjoyed him getting hit, I loved Jake standing up to him, and well I personally would love the end of the Twilight Saga if it means the end of Edward. But the other vampires I can handle…

I loved Alice since the first book as well as Emmet and Rosalie. They are all solid characters, they have back stories, they have ideas, and they have PERSONALITIES!! I sometimes think there was more thought put into the supporting characters than into the two ‘leads’. But even thought they are solid characters, there isn’t much time spend on them in the books. Although the movies make them AMAZING!!

So I made my decision! I can stand Twilight. But I won’t ever read the books again! I will watch the movies, I will enjoy looking at the wolves and I won’t feel guilty. Because even if Twilight makes a mess of vampires. A good story is a good story. And if you cut Stephenie Meyer out of the equation. It would have been WOW…




8 thoughts on “Well, do you like it now or not??

  1. If ever I am found to actually be sitting in a theater showing a “Twilight” movie, my kids have legal authorization to shoot me on the spot…..

    I’m a True Blood fan myself….(don’t know if you get that over there….it is a series on HBO here)

    1. LOL, so have you ever watched it or you just don’t like it?

      I think the first season was aired here, but I haven’t watched or read it yet. But I am in love with Vampire Dairies….

  2. LOL. Reading this made me snicker. So I’ll share with you my PaganSpace forum post on the matter. On a side note, though, I’m glad you posted your opinion. Most girls are afraid of getting stabbed for some things you said! LOL. I love it though. =] Anyway, post:

    “I read the first book because I hate being one of those people who hate something without experiencing it.

    The writing style was rudimentary, even though it’s a series shelved in the YA section, I truly believe we should give our teens more credit. I think they’ve moved beyond the “see spot run” format.

    Now, I will admit that I’m a True Blood fan. I will also admit that True Blood is not the best show out there. In fact, it’s 90% ridiculous, but I can’t find a good enough reason to turn the TV off when Alexander Skarsgård is naked and on my screen. Onto my point: “vampires vs werewolves” has been done to death. “Mortal in love with a vampire” has been done to death. “Vampire struggling to regain shreds of humanity” – done to death.

    Bella is, for the most part, what you’d call a “Mary Sue.” On top of that, she’s not compelling, I can’t bring myself to give a shit whether she lives dies or disappears from the pages, and she’s just GOD AWFUL ANNOYING. Also, she’s a Stephanie Meyer self-insert. She wants to be Bella, but I guess… so doesn’t every chick reading (and enjoying) the books now, apparently.

    Vampires do not sparkle, cannot walk around in daylight, and are PREDATORS. And I refuse to believe otherwise.

    Edward’s a pedophile. How old is he again? In high school, trolling for teenagers? Very sexy. *gag*

    Last but not least, I do congratulate Stephanie Meyer, sincerely, for getting published. I can bash the book all I want (and it is terrible, I won’t take that back), but the bottom line is: she’s published and I’m not. So, congrats, chick. I do not know HOW you did it.”

    1. Thanx! I must honestly say I am conflicted about Twilight… [as you probably noticed] I truly hated the books! I mean a newborn ‘half-vampire’ and a werewolf??? That kinda sicked me out.

      But I am a sucker for a good story and sad to say it, but the story idea behind Twilight is GOOD. Badly written, badly turned out {SPARKLES!!!!!} and I just think if there was a little but more thought put into it, more character building and a better writer, Twilight would have been WOW [not just for mind-dead tweens]

      I will share a link soon to the most hilarious Twilight post I have ever read…

      I agree with all of your points in the comment! And most of them I left out only because it would only further implicate my indecisiveness….

      1. Stephanie Meyer has actually been quoted saying something like “It’s not like I actually think about what I’m writing.” I can’t remember the exact wording, but… well, you get the idea. XD And you’re right, the concept was fantastic. The execution and characterization? Not so much.

  3. Yeahhhh … I’m kind of right there with you. I’m a Harry Potter fan … always have been, always will be. Another true Harry Potter fan introduced me to the series. I read through the first book in a night basically and thought it was great … but then I read New Moon in which I honestly wanted to shoot my face off listening to her bitch and moan. I can not STAND Bella as a protagonist at all. I think she’s an extremely weak heroine … which is I guess why I like the True Blood books so much. Sookie can hold her own!!

    I finally liked Bella after she turned into a vampire. Then, I didn’t have to listen to her moaning about how ugly she was and how she just couldn’t understand how Edward would want to be with her because he’s beautiful and she’s ugly. I kept wanting to scream at her “HE DOES WANT TO BE WITH YOU … STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND FREAKING ENJOY IT!!!!!!”

    But, Meyer’s is really a horrible writer … and I hate to see that. I wish *I* could have come up with such an intriguing story (because it is … or could be … one). Then it would have been written far better and *I* would be the one rolling around in all my twilight money!

    1. Oh, Harry Potter is and will be forever more my one true love…

      But I agree! Bella is extremely weak! It annoyed me so much!!

      And I actually didn’t like Breaking Dawn at all… Even if Bella got a bit ‘stronger’. But honestly, I wish ANYONE else with a SENSE OF WRITING could’ve gotten that idea….

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