What book would you re-read again and again???

Harry Potter costumes

Oh…. Now this is a question I love!! Books are my first love and a passion of mine! But whenever asked this question I stumble a bit…There are so many books I love, and so many I love to re-read…

But if I have to go on current 'statistics' I have to say the answer is any book in the Harry Potter-series…

I love HP, I love the movies, I love the books, I ADORE the characters and I love the writing style. And personally I think the BEST fantasy books comes out of the UK… =] [I'm a sucker for the British]

But if I have to choose something NOT in a series, it will have to be…. No, sorry, I can't think of anything! I love my books too much… But if [when] I come up with a real answer, you will be the first to know!




6 thoughts on “What book would you re-read again and again???

  1. I also love HP, but I probably wouldn’t read them more than I have. Lol.

    I was assigned The Outsiders in 7th grade. I read it fourteen times in the course of a summer. My book was in pieces when I got to class in September. XD

    I’d read Shaman’s Crossing again, no question. If you haven’t read it, it’s by Robin Hobb and the first in a trilogy. I recommend it. The Last Herald Mage Trilogy was AMAZING. I’ve already read it three times, and I also recommend it highly. It’s by Mercedes Lackey. =]

  2. I’m right there with you with Harry Potter! I re-read the series every year 🙂

    But, some other books that I’ve re-read and they just keep getting better are:
    White Oleander – Janet Fitch
    The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger

    And anything by Jen Lancaster … she’s a memoir-ist and FREAKING HILARIOUS!

    1. I so need to read Time traveler’s wife!! It’s been on my list now for two years and I just can’t find it! good to know it’s a good book!! =]

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