The last 30DJC post…

Hey hey

This is the last post of Janel’s 30 Day Journal Challenge! =[

Pages 19 – 30 is here finally!!

Page 19… Plan a ‘tour’ to your city/area.. I choose the West Rand, in Gauteng, South Africa. Even I haven’t been to all the places it offers you!

Day 20… The age-old question… What’s in your bag?!?!

Day 21. What is your Fav quote?

I choose two that means a lot to me!

Day 22. My favourite Holiday!!

Halloween! =]

Day 23. Cover the whole page with on of the elements of art. I choose colour, because I love being colourful!!

Day 24… Your favourite place to be at. I couldn’t really think of any, so I thought, when am I at my happiest, and I realized it’s when I’m surrounded by friends and family!

Day 25…. My day in ONE word…

Day 26. Share a recipe you love!

I love making and drinking coffee, instant, real, weird. I LOVE coffee! So I decided to share the coffee ‘recipe’ I love making and drinking the most!

Day 27… If you could change anything, what would it be?

Day 28… Looking forward to!

Soon: My birthday in September.

Later: Driving License

Latest: Getting published one day

Day 29… A letter to Future me!

Day 30… What have you done lately to get nearer to your goals?

Bey bey journal challenge =[

Hope you enjoyed that! I certainly had so much fun doing this challenge! Which is why I created a challenge for myself. Please visit the ‘my own journal challenge’-page if you have any ideas for prompts!



13 thoughts on “The last 30DJC post…

    1. That’s sad! We don’t really CELEBRATE it, but I happen to love it, dunno why!!
      Thanks!! I spend a lot of time on it, but it was so much fun doing that one!!

  1. You have belly spray in your bag? What the heck is belly spray? Where can I get some? I would need an extra large bottle…. what?……ohhhhh…..b-o-d-y spray…..oops never mind!…..(where’s my damn glasses!)

    1. HOW?????? does that look like belly spray… I think I’m starting to agree with your wife… You are an idiot =] jk.
      But I also wanna now what belly spray is!?!?

    1. Lol, thanx!!
      The novel I’m ‘working’ on now is in Afrikaans, but I am planning on going further with an English one, which I will test run on here!!

      1. Hey! Thanks for the comment!
        I love that page too, lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with my BFF and my sister, and never have I felt happier, so I couldn’t think of a place…

        BTW, mental lapse forgiven =]

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