Hey hey Blogging persons!

Last weekend was amazing, on last minute my friend and I [Bunny] decided to have a sleepover, which led to us going to work with my sister…  [okay this was about 3 weeks ago, but I just got all the pics together]

We were going shopping afterwards, so we were excited for that. But then we got bored, so we slipped out and went on a photo tour! We posed, we made fun of stuff and we had an AMAZING time, just being together!

Here are some of our photos! =]

After our little photo shoot, we went SHOPPING!

It was really good, my sister bought us breakfast and then we invaded the stores with my phone’s camera handy [I’m surprised they didn’t throw us out!] Take a look at some of the mischief we got up to!

I want one!!

The COOLEST sister!

Yummy cinnabons!

Taken with Laura in mind! [she loves mustaches]

A chocolate shop

This day was easily the most fun I had in a long time, mostly because my sister and Bunny was there! But more so because we all are so wonderfully mad together!

[I know there are A LOT of pictures here, but I tried to take some out, but they were all too much fun! I am sorry if it seems vain to put up pictures of myself…]

Hope you enjoyed this trip to the mall with me!




4 thoughts on “LEGEN-waitforit-DARY!

  1. Always nice to meet another Barney Stinson fan! Suit up! Have you met Ted? Looks like you gals had a great time!

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