Book review: Summer School!


I just finished the book Summer School by Domenica de Rosa.

It was unbelievably amazing!

To be honest I only bought it because it was on sale and I noticed the word ‘writer’ on the front. But mostly I buy books just by feeling…

The story revolves around a castello in Tuscany, where, every summer, a creative writing course is offered. The journey of this course and it’s seven writers is closely followed, as well as the lives of the castello owner, her son and the cook.

Once you start reading, you fall in love… The characters are introduced vividly and you feel like cooking Italian right there and then. At first you meet the characters as you would real strangers, you form preconceived ideas, only to get them shattered later on as you get to know the person inside out. At the end of the course/book you are sad to see them leave!

There was a few little things that annoyed me, like grammar and a few editorial faults. But the storyline, plot and characters made up for all of that!

Domenica has found a great way of inserting blog posts, e-mails, postcards and story-exerts into the book and making it seem seamless and effortless!She writes as if she is talking to you, and her witty remarks had me giggling more than once!

This book was a great read and I would advise everyone to give it a chance, whether you like to read about writing, romance, a bit of drama or just a great book!

But that’s just my opinion, please share yours!?




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