Procrastination and some laziness… =]

Morning you all!!

I am so full of procrastination today, I don’t know what I’ll get done…

But I am FINALLY inspired again for my novel, so that’s back on track and I am proud to say, I have been working on it every day of the week so far!

My Carrie story is kinda silent at the moment, but I will post the last two to three chapters soon!!

Then…. Janel’s Journalling for a cause class… you can buy a spot here… I am not sure if there are still spots, but you can try.

I am LOVING the class a lot! Here are my first three pages as well as my opening page…

Opening page!

Journal Prompt One:  Since today is the first day of the class, I wanted to start our journals with a “Welcome” page.    I want you to include a little blurb with five adjectives explaining your life right now as well.  So, it will go something like this:

Welcome to my ______,______,_______,_______, ______ life.

This will be a nice little intro for our journal 🙂

My page came out good for me… I wrote…

Welcome to my random, crazy, mostly fun, sometimes boring, always inspirational life!!

Journal Prompt 2:  I am a huge fan of writing out my goals, short term and long term.  I thought it would be appropriate to have some journaling goals for ourselves too!!  What are your goals for your journaling?

I think everything is readable, so just enjoy that one!

Journal Prompt 3:  Today is all about altering a repeat image 🙂  Copy an image, or images, multiple times using a copy machine, or scanner and print the images in black and white.  Use different writing tools to alter your images in many different styles.  (If you don’t have access to a copier of any kind, alter images from a magazine or old pictures, do it your way and it will be awesome).

I LOVED this!!! It was fun, I got to play with colours and decorate my sister and BFF

What do you think??

I am enjoying this journal challenge so much, but I am still open to prompts for my own challenge! [BTW, I entered 3 of my prompts for a give-away Janel is running!! Let’s hope she likes it, cause then me wins some AMAZING journal!]

O ya, one thing about Janel and the Journal challenge [except that I love them!] She is running this class to collect money for adopting a little girl we have come to know as Pita. So if you want, donate her a few $? Or sponsor her page for a month!! Just click on the 30DJC button- – – – – > And it will send you to her blog!! Or the JFAC button, which will take you to her Etsy shop!

Be good you little bunnies!

Love M! =]


12 thoughts on “Procrastination and some laziness… =]

  1. Your welcome page is so pretty, love the flowers and scrolling on the sides. The altered images are awesome, might have to try that sometime in my journal!

    1. Thanks!! I wasn’t a big fan of the scrolling, it didn’t came out like planned, but when I uploaded the picture, it looked awesome, so after a while I grew to love it!
      I enjoyed the altered images! It was great fun to do…

  2. This looks so fun! That’s really sweet to do in an effort to help raise money for an adoption! Your journal looks so pretty… I wish my handwriting was as cute as yours. 😉

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