A little bit random… I


I decided to do a random post, to keep you up to date om my happenings, and just because it seems fun when Mel does it! Enjoy…

I started Postcrossing two weeks ago, and today I got an e-mail telling me my first postcard was delivered to the USA… It feels kinda awesome!!


I’m trying to write an article for the ‘reader’-edition of a national magazine, I think of doing it on loving yourself, but you guys will have to read it first =]


My amazing book picking skills have let me down… I am usually good at picking a book, not reading what it is about, but simply picking it at feeling. But this weekend at a book sale, my sis bought me Soulmates by Miranda Glover… I am past 100 pages and it still haven’t captured my attention.


I am having writers block on my Carrie story!!!


Next year I may be start studying for a teacher! It’s a type of learnership program, where you work at a school, they pay your studies and you become a  teacher after four years! I am kinda excited about that…


I am three days behind on my journal!! But after all my chores today [and Glee] I will catch up and hopefully post them tonight!


While getting my sister to love How I met your mother, I re-watched the Robin Sparkles episode, as well as Swarley… Now I am at a lost to which one of the two episodes I love the most!!!


I am boy-cotting all Vamp books till the hype gets down, because I hate to be seen reading a book I really like, and some tells me I only read it because Twilight started it all WTF???


Well except for House of night and Vampire Academy… =]


I watched my very first 3D movie this weekend!!! Shrek 3D. It was kind of amazing!!


My most views per day record stands at 59, for the 17th of July


I am hosting a colouring competition for the church to get money for a Youth Room! I will post my picture, as soon as I coloured it in. As well as the winners pictures!!


That’s about as random as it gets.




7 thoughts on “A little bit random… I

  1. YES! Another one on the randomness bandwagon! I hope you get over your writer’s block soon. I’m left hanging here! I for one have hit a blogging block. UGH!

    Oh what’s this postcrossing all about?!

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