A bit of poetry 2…


Well I decided to post my second poem on here as well! Hope you enjoy it..

A little background: I wrote this one for my grade 11 English teacher. She was so deep in our hearts that year, I don’t think we will ever let her go. But she decided to stop teaching, because she grew too emotionally attached to the kids… [that year 3 kids in school died and it got to her]

A hundred words through time…

A hundred words to say to you
A single thought will have to do
A hundred times I want to think
A single chance will never sink
You brought us all a thousand tears
A single year
A lonely smile
and a quick talk to reach that mile

A hundred things that we can do
A single hope to make it true
A hundred reasons why you have to go
A single truth why it is so
I give to you…
A needed smile,
A final tear,
A lonely fear
and a simple poem to hold you dear.

Hope you liked that one!!

Love =]


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