A bit of poetry 3….

Hey hey!!

So the last of my three ‘most amazing’ poems… Hope it doesn’t disappoint and you enjoyed this little poetry journey!! If it seems to be succesful, I will try to write more poems if wanted!

The storm in me
The wind is rushing,
the thunder crushing.
My heart is dying,
the tears start drying.

I never thought of life so sad,
it turned out to be really bad.
I cry a tear,
a lasting fear…

The thought scares me,
couldn’t they just let me be?
Why did you run away?
Why couldn’t I make you stay?

The storm is coming,
but you keep running.
My heart is crying,
and I, am ever dying…

I know it’s once again sad. But it’s me, sometime last year…

Oh! I just remembered… You are in for a little treat! Either tomorrow or somewhere over the weekend, I will give you a …… guest post!! The writer is a surprise, but I think you will all enjoy it!




2 thoughts on “A bit of poetry 3….

  1. I think I got a real onion problem here by my computer! Now my reading glasses are fogging over…..sniffle…sniffle…… 🙂

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