Journal update!!


So I decided it’s time for a little update on my journaling…

Journal Prompt 4:  What does happiness mean to you??  You can write about it, doodle it, take a picture of it, paint it, or anything.  Whatever makes you “happy”:)

Journal Prompt 5:  Todays prompt is “It’s all in the details…” I think adding the details to something really make it special and from the heart!! You can choose to interpret that in any way 🙂  I chose to focus on all of the little details that make my home really special.  It may be little details that you add to your art to make it yours.  It could be little details like freckles or dimples that make you so special.  Just think about it!!

I couldn’t decide what to do, so I used Post-it’s to help me ‘plan’ in the end I just wrote some details about me…

Journal Prompt6:  Open your journal to a blank page, a blank canvas per say 🙂 Do whatever you choose!!! Draw, paint, collage, doodle, sticker, whatever!!

I looked around my craft table and saw a lot of pretty little things, so I seceded on a PRETTY PIÈCES page!

Journal Prompt 7-  What are you thankful for?  I try to make a list like this in my head, daily.  That may sound over the top but it’s true.  It is sooo important to reflect on all of the good things in your life.  Somedays are obviously harder than others so this will be a great page to look back on when things just seem to be down in the dumps.

I adore the simplicity look of this…

Journal Prompt 8:  What are your “go to” clothes.  There are certain items of clothing that I gravitate to for sure.  I think that our “go to” clothes kind of define who we are and what we are comfortable with!

Journal Prompt 9:  If they were to write a book about you, what would the cover look like??  I thought this was a really cool idea and really fun!!  What would the cover of your biography look like?  Who would it be written by??

Journal Prompt 10-  I don’t know about you but I love list!! Lists make me really happy 🙂   Today I would like you to create a list that somehow deals with books!  It can be a list of your all time favorite books, books you want to read in your lifetime, the worst books ever, anything!!

Journal Prompt 11:  What are three things that you absolutely could not live without??

Journal Prompt 12:  Today…How was your day today?  What did you do?  Today’s prompt is to document your day any way that you choose!  Have fun!!

Journal Prompt 13:  What were your dreams when you were a child?  What did you aspire to be?  What did you hope for?

I was a freaky little girl….

Journal Prompt14:  5 Things!!  This journal challenge is all about using 5 different things that are just laying around.  These five items can be supplies, tools, pen colors, whatever.  I want you to find 5 things that are sitting out and can be used for a project such as this.  Don’t go to your supply stash and dig out the five most perfect things, use what is already out, challenge yourself!!  The prompt is up to  you.  This is more of  a challenge then a prompt today 🙂

I am so glad my sister was sitting next to me sorting through her photos when I did this prompt! But I do not really like 7 year old me… =]

Journal Prompt 15- What are 50 random facts about you?  This is a great page because you are documenting some random facts about you at this time in your life.  I’m sure this one will be a fun page to look back on some day 🙂

My personal favorite so far!!
I am having the most amazing fun doing this challenge! Hope you are enjoying looking at the pages!

Love =]


6 thoughts on “Journal update!!

    1. The 7 year old is the small picture, the other one I was about 12, but I don’t like that picture a lot either…
      Any who, yes, that’s a real lion cub….

      I had fun with page 4! I got stuck half way, then I just decided to think up stuff that makes me smile!

        1. yip! there was a lion park near us and we went there about three times, the last time we went they had cubs… It was amazing and definitely something I would do again!

  1. You are so committed! Love it… For some reason, on your list of what you’re thankful for, Facebook popped out at me first. Is that weird? Haha! You wanted to be a toll operator? I think that’s awesome-sauce.
    Oh and it’s Jane Austen just in case you want to fix it.
    It really looks like you’re having fun with this! =)

    1. Thanks!! Kinda weird… but I am very thankful for Facebook =]
      Aparently, my mom, dad and sister all said so, but I can’t remember it!!
      Thanks… Don’t know how I missed that one, I was sitting in front of my books when I wrote that list!
      I am having loads of fun, it’s quite an experience to get to know yourself!

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