A very very cute idea!!

Hey lovelies!

Janel over at Run with Scissors had a great an idea… A blog tour of a home tour.

Yeah yeah, confusing sounding I know. But its’ fairly simple…

Everyday you take photos of different rooms in your home and post them! For inspirational ideas or just to see what your home looks like, or just for fun.

The tour schedule….

Monday! Living room

Tuesday! Kitchen

Wednesday! Master bedroom [My room]

Thursday! Spare bedroom [‘rents as well as sisters’]

Friday! Studio/office space

Saturday! Bathroom

Sunday! Yard

Now I know the idea is to document every room in the house, but I will still decide on my angle…

I have two ideas, take 3 random pis of the room and deal with it. Or take 3 pics of my favourite spots/places in the room…

You’ll just have to wait and see!

Please do join in! If you do, leave a comment with your link, and who knows maybe you get some new viewers!! And also go check out Janel’s blog!!

See you tomorrow, my dears!

M =]


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