A little bit random… II


It’s a new week, my legs are DEAD from gym and my head is pouncing like there is no tomorrow, but I wanna blog!!

**I am officially partaking in NaNoWriMo… Lol, what an odd word!! It’s a project where every November you pledge the month to writing 50 000 words!! I am hoping to complete it, but I am such a procrastinator…  http://www.nanowrimo.org

**After sharing my new blogging idea [house tour] with the rest of the house inhabitants I had a few complaints… So I thought starting tomorrow I would just post 3 pics of something beautiful inside the house.

**I am having a crush on Glee! When I catch myself I am downloading another showtune, or singing along with Rachel, or re-watching the previous episodes!

**A Journal post is coming tomorrow. Along with a give-away!!

**I am so stressed about finding a job! I just hope I can get into teaching next year. Perhaps I will kill a few kids, but atleast I will have a job. Can one write in prison???

**Wednesday is my day to cook, and I am cooking Pulled Chicken!! [courtesy of Thought’s Appear]

**I just finished reading Inkheart and I am IN LOVE with it!! A proper review upcoiming!!

**The dogs are barking at me, so I have to go!

Have a good night lovelies!!



8 thoughts on “A little bit random… II

    1. I had the most amazing idea for a novel last night, but I know if I don’t write it it will fly away, so I decided it will be my NaNoWriMo-baby! =] That sounds fun!!

      Yes! =D

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