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Do you know that Jim Carey movie, Yes Man? If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it just for laughs and a cute film.  But honestly, I feel like I’m following something along the same lines.  Say yes, try new things, enjoy things more… live life up in many respects.

I don’t exactly know what it was about going to Italy earlier this year, but I returned with new gusto for life.  There isn’t a time before now when I have been so happy.  A friend even said that my aura had done a complete 180 when I bumped into her at the mall.  In the past, I’ve very much been the girl who never really deviated from the familiar.  So it’s like I’m a brand new person. Strangest of all: I’m trying new things that were either stricken from my to-do list or were never there to begin with.

Like eating sushi.  For years, seafood was my ultimate enemy.  Just the thought of eating something from the ocean would send my mind and tummy in a swirl of incomprehensible denial.  Canned tuna and clam chowder were exempt though.  Even though some sushi and most seafood still aren’t my cup of tea, I discovered the Playboy roll is my favorite sushi roll.  Hmmm… I can taste it now.  Cue drool buckets, please.

Then recently, a guy invited me to a driving range which I immediately thought was a shooting range…Nope, it is golf. da-dur-da-dur.  Golf has never been a sport that piqued my interest.  Funnily enough though, for it being my first time with a golf club at hand, I wasn’t bad!  The girl who worked the range told me to hit a ball, and she commented that my form was too good for it to be my first time golfing.  I imagine if I had gotten into it earlier and had lessons, I could be really good.  What freaked me out most was that I had fun!  Never thought I’d see the day when the sport I thought most boring would entertain me.

Along with this trying new things, I find I’m doing more of what I love more often: writing, reading (finished 5 books in July alone), and discovering more songs I want to sing and recording them for YouTube.  It’s like I was brought back to life even though I never really “lost” life… Welcome New Me!  Hope you are here to stay! =)

What I’ve learned is this:
Somehow, trying new things can be the inspiration to try more new things!  Gaining experience has a domino-like effect, don’t you think?  Even if you don’t succeed or find pleasure in what you are trying, you can learn from it or even get an idea of something else to try!  And heck, you may even find something that you have a new passion for.  Why not say yes like Jim Carey?  Go for it!  If you say no, you won’t know what you are missing.  I don’t recommend trying drugs, alcohol or unsafe sexual antics though… unless you really want the repercussions of those. 😛

So I’ve got a new motto… but it is an old adage you have probably heard before: “Don’t kick it ‘til you try it.”  It is still a good one after all these years.  Being trapped in a box filled with the same things can become really mundane after a while… Life needs a little spice now and then, right?

What is something new that has added spice to your life lately?  Would you do it again?  What did you learn or take from it?  Or is there something that you are dying to try but haven’t yet?

14 thoughts on “Guest blog! By MikShorty!

  1. I’m 45yrs old and did not discover the joys of Sushi until this past year. Now, I can’t get enough of the stuff! I do not even know what I am eating most of the time. Just throw some bait inside some rice and seaweed, give me some wasabi, and I am a happy idiot! 🙂

      1. OH, I’m an Idiot alright…… I didn’t try it until now because I just thought of sushi as bait thrown inside some rice and seaweed……which it is…..but I was never much on handling bait, smelling my fingers, and then going “Hmmmm this stuff smells pretty bad…..I wonder how it tastes?” 🙂

        1. Haha! That cracked me up. The smell turns a lot of people off if they haven’t tried it… that’s what did it for me anyways. The “fishy” smell. ICK. It just goes to show to not always trust just your nose 😉

  2. I have a confession to make. I HATE fish. All seafood [except canned tuna] and I doubt I will ever eat sushi.
    But I promise, the day I try, I will blog about it so that you can all laugh at me.

    1. LOL I used to have that same attitude! Canned tuna is the bomb. Ever tried a tuna melt? 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about your sushi experience!

        1. A tuna melt is where you take canned tuna, mixed it with mayo, maybe a little relish, and a little mustard (people have other preferences too), and you mix it all together, put it on top of some bread, top that with some cheese and toast it. SOOOO yummy! =)

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