Journal pages update!! =]


^ that’s my shy I am sorry for neglecting smile… =D

But here is everything we missed! from page 19. I am sorry for the overload of pictures!!

Journal Prompt 19:  I had read somewhere today, “What you deal with, does not define you.”  I absolutely loved it and it spoke to me.  For example, if you are divorced, that isn’t what people see when they see you.  I have a huge anxiety problem BUT that’s not who I am.  I love it.

So, that lead me to the question, Who are you? What are some categories that you fall in to?  What types of things define you?

Journal Prompt 20:  Today you are going to make lists that will add up to 100 things that you love!
This prompt may take a while but it will definitely be fun!
Here is how it will go down…
*  10 Activities
*  10 Restaurants
*  10 People
*  10 Foods
*  10 Games
*  6 Famous People
*  4 Desserts
*  10 TV shows
*  10 Websites
*  10 Books
*  10 Songs

Journal Prompt 21:  Right this Second…  While you are sitting there with your journal I want you to tell me what is going on right this second!! What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you see?  What are you wearing, everything…

Journal Prompt 22:  What are you looking forward to?  There are so many great things on the horizon, in the near future and the far

Journal Prompt 23:  The unsent letter.  This is a page where you can let all of your feelings out without hurting anyone’s feelings OR sharing any feelings that you aren’t ready to share yet 🙂  This letter is to be written to someone who you WANT to say something to, but can’t or won’t or don’t.  This could be a secret love letter, a letter telling someone how they hurt you or anything in between!!

Journal Prompt 24: This prompt is all about documenting a feeling that you felt this past week.  Does that make sense? lol!  For example…something that made me happy this past week or something that made me mad this past week.  Choose a feeling, and document it.

Journal Prompt 25:  What is your favorite season? (simple enough eh?)

Journal Prompt 26:  What are some lessons you have learned through this journal class?  Have you grown as a person?  Have you grown in your journaling?

Journal Prompt 27:  Today I want you to create your journal page using a different medium then what you are used to using 🙂  Search your studio/craft spaces and challenge yourself to try something new!!

Journal Prompt 28:  Today I want you to start thinking about goals for September!  Five goals that are completely do-able!

Journal Prompt 29:  Should you be doing something different right now?  why or why not.

Journal Prompt 30:  Today’s prompt is to write a closing statement to your journal.  Whether this is the last page of your journal or the end of this “JFAC” chapter, how do you wish to end it.  It can be a congratulatory page to yourself, it canbe a thank you to someone in the class who has done something above and beyond with encouraging words, or it can be a simple statement, such as what I wrote…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I decided a slideshow was a better idea than post all the pictures separately… Only post 20 have multiple pictures [the top 100 pages]

Hope you enjoyed it!!



6 thoughts on “Journal pages update!! =]

  1. Wow… how long does it take for you to put together just one page? It looks like you put so much effort into each one; it astounds me! Love the slideshow =)

    1. Sometimes, I work on and off during the day, other times I just sit down and do it. It really depends on the prompt and the idea I have for the page. But I did put my whole heart into this journal, it was amazing to do…

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