Random attack III


Another randomness post! So wicked…

*** I still have a murderous headache! It feels like something is eating my brain away!

*** I have received my first and second Postcrossing cards!! Number one was from Finland, and used in this journal pageand the second one is a cute Fantail from New Zealand! And my PC is having troubles [kicking didn’t work] so no photo for that one today. Will try again tomorrow. Yeah the kicking worked!! Ain’t that just the cutest postcard!

*** I was idiot of the day over at The Idiot Speaketh! And no, I am NOT Charlize Theron, but thanks for the compliment!

*** I am hosting our youth evening tomorrow [for church] and I am so nervous!!! But I believe it will be fun [if the flesh eating monster in my head would go away]

*** I am so bored without a journal to complete! So if there isn’t any interruptions or other challenges I discover. I am going to do my own challenge!! […look up, you see that link there, with JOURNAL in it…. click it… go on… and then gimme ideas for prompts!]

*** I have only listened to about an hours’ music today… That’s my total for the day… WHAT??????? I live on music, and I just didn’t listen to it today… weird…

*** I haven’t kissed a guy in about five months!! I just realized that today and it kinda bummed me out… Any one know dudes in SA?? I’m open to blind dates! =]

*** The last movie I watched was… Juno!

*** The last song I listened to was… Bad Day by Daniel Powter

***The last book I finished was Inkheart. [Currently busy with The Persimmon Tree]

*** The last thing I ate was Jelly and Custard

And I cannot think of anymore randomness! Oh, isn’t my head just a wonderful mess!

Nice night you all!



4 thoughts on “Random attack III

  1. ahhahaha. this was most definitely random. I LOVED IT!

    i hope you feel better. i’m on the slope of feeling better, i hope. šŸ˜

    have fun at your church event!

    1. Lol, I thought so too! From now on I am only writing random post at 11pm. =]
      I do actually! For the first time in about a month I have only a glimmer of headache, you know that kind that lurks around, reminding you it can get worse…

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