Top 10 *collectables*

MOrning world!!

Today I am listing things I collect!

This may get interesting!

  1. Books [of course]
  2. Badges
  3. Things to journal with
  4. Jeans =]
  5. Teddies [stuffed toys]
  6. Memories =]
  7. Friends!
  8. Cocktail menus [long story]
  9. Cutex [nail polish]
  10. Rings [pwetty!]

What do YOU collect???

I am loving this lists!! Its so much fun…

Have a lovely day!


2 thoughts on “Top 10 *collectables*

    1. Lol, it started as an inside joke with me and my sister where we ‘stole’ one one night… And then we started asking if we could get one at every restaurant or bar we got to… I only have 3 now… Apparently most people don’t like giving away their menu’s! But if you ever happen to ‘borrow’ one. Send it my way! =] when I have enough, I plan on make a mural…

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