I’m a loafer!!

I am sorry!

I totally loafed this weekend! I wasn’t at home, it was our first real ‘spring’ weekend and I was a tiny bit depro and a big bit happy!

[Yeah I’m a mess!]

Thursday I went to sleepover at Bunny’s! We went to sleep at half past two!!!! And woke up at half past five!!! I was so tired and there was no coffee! She is learning for a personal trainer and most of her practical tests involve me.

So on Friday I was put through one hour of gym and one hour of water aerobics. Which was really fun! But on three hours of sleep, I was very near to losing it and I finally had some coffee and MacD’s!!!

After that I was her practical test dummy for sports massage and promptly fell asleep the minute my back massage started! I was then rewarded with a book sale!!!!!!

One of the libraries near her college was clearing out their books and there was a special for 5 books for 5 rand! Which is basically five books for a dollar!!

I got: Lord of the Flies, Her, Saffron Kitchen, Thursdays at Eight and an Afrikaans book! It was the best!!!

We then went home, but once again got in bed LATE! Saturday morning we rode two hours for Bunny to do a test which will make her a qualified Ring-ball referee. After two hours in the sun we drove back and watched the last twenty minutes of J’s cricket match! [The youngest guy in the First Team at his school!]

The rest of the day was filled with rugby, Playing Nintendo with J, giggling and messing around! I got home at ten!! Then I dropped dead on the bed and only woke up this morning for church. After church I had to make food and pudding and was just so tired!

So tomorrow will bring the following, resuming of the top ten, my first 3 pages of my personal journal [remember to suggest prompts] and a nice long bloggity blog!

Have a very nice night lovelies.

I am now going to sleep!



2 thoughts on “I’m a loafer!!

  1. You mean there actually is something called “the last 20 minutes of a cricket match”? As I remember when I lived in England….those things seemed to go on for about 3 months at a time! or longer! I fear that some of the matches that I started watching in 1987 might still be going on! 🙂

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