My journal pages!!

So I finally did my first pages! [well I did them last week, but then the whole being busy thing started!] Here are my first two pages! Page three is being completed as we speak!

Day 1: Snapshots of your life… What do your life look like right now? [This was a suggestion]

Day 2! Thing I love to do on a rainy day!

Go check out the link there on the top of the page! The one that says journal challenge! It is recently updated with new prompts and I would love a few prompts from your side!!

Love =]


6 thoughts on “My journal pages!!

  1. I love keeping a journal, it’s always a wonderful thing to look back on the pages and remember things that you would have otherwise forgotten. I love this post 🙂

  2. Every time I’m stumped I just begin writing about something rather mundane, like if it’s sunny outside or if I brewed my coffee too strong. Somehow the descriptions start coming about of their own accord 😀

    1. I wish I had that kind of motivation! I simply cannot journal without prompts, especially art journal! I can keep a dairy, but then it is always some what reserved because I’m afraid it will be found!

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