Carrie’s Life! Chapter 8


It was a Saturday morning and I’m awake! At seven o’clock?! So lame…

I got out of bed and pulled my short boxer down, the dark blue looking weird against my tan legs. I skipped down stairs and poured me a cup of coffee, the wonders of a percolator…

As I took the first wonderful sip, the phone rang. Realizing I’m probably alone at home, I walked to answer it and said “hello” at the third ring.

“So Kris asked me out, and I don’t know if I should do it, because I only know him for like a day and he wants to picnic! I mean, PICNIC! He has tattoos and he wants to picnic? That just sounds wrong to me. And if I say yes, what should I wear?”

“ALLIE!” I yell into the receiver, “Calm down, I’ll be right over.”

“O okay”

I laughed out loud at my weird friend and picked up my keys, I looked okay in my pj’s (which consisted of a short blue boxer and a screaming pink crop top.)


I jump out of my car and sprint to Allie’s front door, feeling strangely energetic for this early on a Saturday morning.

“Hey A!” I greet Allie as she opens the door.

“C, C! Hey. You’re in PJ’s”

I only laugh and push by her into the house, grab myself a muffin from the kitchen and we walk upstairs to her room.

“So… What’s your crisis?” I flop down on her bed onto my tummy and eat my muffin

“Should I accept the date or not? I only know him for like a day! Not even a day…”

“Well, I think you should take it. But make sure he knows you are only friends and let it develop when it should?”

Allie sat down on the floor and look thoughtful, I could see the little hamster running over time in her head as she overviewed the pro’s and con’s…

“Okay. But I want you there.”





“NO! Allie, I will not double date anything, I want to relax today, curl up with a book and drink coffee the whole day.”

““You’re an addict. You need help”

“I know.”

We look at each other and burst out laughing. We could understand one another like no one else.

“Phone Kris and tell him you’ll go.”

“Fine.” She picked up her red Chatterbox and within seconds she was talking to him.

“Hey… I just wanted to say I accept the date… No… Okay… *giggle*… See you at eleven…. You too… Bey…”

“Eleven? That only gives us three hours to make you ready!” I shrieked and sat up straight on the bed.

“I think we are gonna ride on his bike.” Her face looked glazed and dreamy; she was a sucker for bikes.

“What makes you think that?”

“He asked if my parents object to me riding on bikes”

I nodded and pushed her of to the bathroom to go have a nice long bath while I invaded her laptop.

Within a few minutes I sat in shock as I stared at the screen…

Jake is now in a relationship… With Leila….

I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be shocked or happy or disgusted or surprised or… or sad. I did introduce them, with the intention of them being together, but so soon?!

“Is that really what’s bothering you about this?” I asked myself and I knew the answer…

But Ollie said he liked me…

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Allie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

“Carrie, I’m gonna be late! It’s almost time…”

“And you’re almost done, girl. Lemme just do your hair then you can chill!”

My hair, my body, MY EYES, have never looked this good. I knew Carrie was magic with makeup and clothes, but this! It looked unbelievable; I just hope Kris would like it. Would like me…

I was dolled up in Carrie’s black skinny jeans (very biker sheik) and a grey light jersey, the top itself was sexy… It came down low on my cleavage, but left enough for the imagination and it stretched down to the top of my thighs. On top of the top, Carrie threw on some beads, long black beads, lots of it.

Normally I would have objected, but this looked good!

“C, what if I get cold? You know it is autumn…”

“Then you steal his jacket, dummy!” She was busy with my hair, and just as I wanted to object to whatever she was doing, she finished with a “voila”

She turned me towards the mirror and I looked unreal. My eyes were light grey, probably the work of some clever make up.

And my red hair looked…. Wow! Carrie tousled it and now it stood around my head in flutters and framed my face and I just can’t describe this! It looked amazing.


“He’s here!!” I shrieked and looked at Carrie, my eyes huge.

She pushed black pumps into my hands and pushed me out the door.

“Go girl! And wow him…” I giggled, slipped the shoes on and walked down stairs. “LOVE YOU” I mouthed to Carrie and opened the door.


I stood in silence for more than a few seconds as I looked at Kris. He wasn’t this sexy last night, was he?? The black T hugged his body like it was made for him, the jeans hung low on his hips and made him look even more badass and over his one shoulder he was holding a [wait for it] leather jacket!

I could almost feel my legs melting at the sight of him…

“Hey.” Gosh! He even made a simple ‘hey’ sound sexy! Oh, wait I have to reply…

“H…H… Hey!” I smiled foolishly; before I remembered how sexy I look and that I am a confident (cheeky) girl!

“Okay no!” I begun, “You are so not allowed to have this type of affect on me!” Okay that so didn’t come out right!

Kris started laughing and only replied, “Ditto” Before he took my hand and led me down the front steps to his bike!! A big black and chrome Harley… Now if anything, this is sexy!

“Are you game?” I eyed the bike, which was most likely heavier than me, and hesitated.

“I thought we are going for a picnic?”

“We have to get there somehow, don’t we?”

I nodded reluctantly and took a big gulp of air to get my confidence back.

Kris got out a spare helmet and after putting it on my head (my poor hair!) he got on and I hopped on after him. Now, I have ridden bikes before, just none this big.

My hands went easily around his body, like they were made to be there. And I giggled as he started the bike up underneath us. Nothing ever felt this good! I inched a bit closer to his body and relaxed. His muscled back felt so good next to me, I never wanted to move.

All too soon, we stopped at a lake I didn’t recognize and Kris got of the bike. I scooted down and flipped my leg over so that they both hung on the same side. I leaned down on my hands and looked at him.

Nowhere ever before did I see a guy look sexy by just standing there, Kris quickly turned around back to me and caught me staring.

“Are you gonna quit that anytime soon?”

I giggled (way too girly!) and took my helmet off, somehow I lost my balance and slipped of the bike seat, into Kris’ arms.

“You planned that right?” He asked as he put me back on my feet.

I smiled mischievously, “You’ll never know…” I looked around once more, “What is this place?”

“Lake Serene. It’s just out of town, well hidden actually.”

“You bet, I’ve never been here.”

Kris took my hand and led me nearer to the river, where I spotted a blanket and a basket, so we are really gonna picnic?

“Take a seat, milady.”

I giggled again [I really need to stop that!!] and sat down, the view was perfect, to the left was a small waterfall, only high enough to make a bit of noise and on the horizon, you could see the mountains peeking out from the trees around the lake.

A peaceful smile escaped my mouth and I turned to Kris, “Thank you”

“For what?”

“For bringing me here. I love this place already.”

“Well, you just seemed the type to appreciate this.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent on us getting to know each other, I knew he had a sister whom he loved very much and he knew all about Carrie, Oliver and Sam, Jake and Carries’ experience with the idiot Daniel.

I was ready to fall asleep after a lunch that consisted of mini pizzas, sandwiches, watermelon and Cola. It didn’t sound like much, but the basket was empty after we invaded it!

“So, how bout it?” Kris asked.

“How about what?”

“You and I go and swim?”

“I don’t have anything to swim in, and no way am I swimming in my underwear.”

“Put on my shirt? I have a spare…”

I took a minute, analyzing the circumstances and swimming won out. It was hot for an autumn day and I would see Kris without a shirt! So worth it…

“Fine, gimme the shirt and turn around.” I felt silly saying this, I mean I am seventeen! But a girl has her morals and Kris accepted it without question.

I quickly stripped down to only my bra and hot pants, slipped into Kris’ shirt, savoring the sweet smell, and turned around.

Kris looked even sexier without a shirt on, but this time I held myself in. I knew I held the upper hand on this one, as Kris’ shirt only came to the middle of my thighs and I continuously heard I had great legs. Let him suffer I thought.

I slowly walked past him towards the river and heard a sharp intake of breath as I walked into his eyesight. A soft smile rounded my lips and I turned around, only to find him staring this time.

“Come on… I thought we were going swimming.”

He quickly recovered and ran up to me, grabbed me around the middle and ran to the lake side, paused only the slightest then he jumped. Instantly we were both wet and laughing…


The ‘date’ was perfect, Kris was amazing and he understood that I didn’t want to rush things.

But as we struggled out of the lake a half hour later, we realized it wasn’t the best of ideas to swim in autumn! We shivered to the blanket and dried us off with it; I hid behind a tree and pulled on my clothes, while Kris got dry clothes for himself out of the cubby hole under the bike seat.

“So, want to go home?” Kris asked as we sat against a big rock, both a bit warmer but cuddled under the picnic blanket.

“Not really,” I replied, playing with my fingers on his arms, tracing the veins up and down his toned arms. “I only really want to warm up now.”

As I said the words I realized what I could have meant by saying those words, but as I looked up in his eyes, I knew he didn’t take it that way. I never thought a ‘bad boy’ could be the much of a gentleman…

“Let’s go for coffee” he said and helped me up. I shivered as the cool wind touched my skin and Kris smiled at me. Without a word he handed me his jacket and helped me put it on.

“What do we do with this?” I asked and motioned to the picnic basket and blanket.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Kris say, “Some one will come fetch it later.”

I was too content to ask what he meant; I only got on the bike behind him and felt the comfy feeling of holding him tight.

~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

As I watch Allie and Kris riding off, I start to wonder what I am gonna do. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I decide to get some coffee and going further from there.

I grabbed my car keys on Allie’s dresser and noticed my pj’s in the mirror. Giggling to myself I rummage through Allie’s closet.

After a few minutes of searching, I quickly pull on a pair of jeans, pumps and a black hoodie. I push the sleeves up on my arms and examined myself in the mirror. I looked way emo!

I giggle once more and start to think I’m going mad!

The coffee shop was busy for a Saturday; I walked up to the counter and order myself a take-away coffee. As I was on my way outside, I bump into the last person I want to see.


“Hey!” He pulled me into a quick hug and grab a sip of my coffee.

“Hey!” I object and take my coffee back, “So congrats with you and Leila!”

“Ya, I am quite happy!” He replied and moved to lean against my car.

“You only know her a day Jake!” I reply and fold my arms across my chest. Not noticing I’m repeating the words Jake spoke to me after Daniel and I got together…

“Oh, but it’s enough” He replied suggestively…

“Ewh!” I reply and get into the car.

“Where are you going now?” he asked as he leaned on the window.

“To Ollie’s” I replied on impulse.

“See you there,” he replied and moved away from the car.

“ARGH!!” I groan as I drive away, not knowing what to make of this feeling in me…

On the one side I wanted to believe that Jake liked me, what else was there to explain his weird irrational behavior regarding Daniel and I? Okay well, there is friendship and just looking out for me.


“Oh Fuck it Carrie. You didn’t want him and you still don’t. Go to Oliver, visit him like old times AND FORGET ABOUT MEN!”

I spoke to myself in my mirror ignoring the weird look from the soccer mom in the SUV next to me.

“Just wait lady, your time will come!” I speak to the woman and drive at the green light. Well I think it was green.

My eyes looked dead in the rearview mirror and as I stop at Ollie’s house I get out my eyeliner. Quickly tracing my eyes and then jumping out of the car.

I soak up the sun and feel my mind relaxing. As Allie always say. I think way too much.


I hear the doorbell echo through the house and wait patiently for Oliver to come and open the door for me.

“Hey my girl!” He answers the door and pulls me into a hug.

No wonder so many people used to think we were together.

Well if I haven’t seen Oliver and Sam kissing with my own eyes I still would have tried to go for him. I mean he is HOT!!

“What are you dreaming about?” He asks as he takes my coffee and steals a sip.

“Urgh! You and Jake are the exactly the same!” I grab back my coffee and fall down on the sofa, automatically tuning the TV to MTV.

“Oh, so you are dreaming about Jake?!”

“NO!” I protest [a little too quickly I think]

Oliver narrows his eyes and stares at me. I hate it when he does that, he almost look as though he can see into my heart.


“Care Bear… Jake likes you A LOT!”

“Ollie… He is dating Leila, at my hand! So why would he like me. Have you seen the legs on that girl?!”

“Ever heard the expression JEALOUSY?”

“I… He… WHAT?” I stutter and drink the last sip of my coffee.

“He is only trying to make you jealous Carrie.”

I stare at Oliver. Not really knowing how this is helping me. I don’t like Jake!! Do I?

Before I could answer myself the front door opens, and in walks the devil himself!!

“Hey!” He greets us casually and hands Oliver a cup of coffee.

“Where’s mine?” I ask and turn my concentration to the TV, not really aware of what I am watching.

“Here,” he says from behind me and hand me a cup from over my shoulder, his breath in my neck causing me to break out in goose bumps and I stand up quickly.

“Thanks,” I mutter and walk to the kitchen. I hear them following me.

We all enter the kitchen and I push myself onto the counter. I beg Oliver with my eyes to just say SOMETHING!

“So where is Ally-cat?” He answer me silent plea.

I launch into the story of her and the biker man, not leaving out a detail and soon before long my mind was off the Jake subject. Let’s just hope it stays that way!


We spent the rest of the day playing board games, me kicking ass in mostly everything, except 30 seconds, where Jake was king!

“Okay I need to get home,” I announce as I stand up.

“Okay, bye love.” Oliver says and hugs me tightly.

“Wait, I have to go to. My car is behind yours.”

I just scowl at Jake; sure there is some ulterior motive to this convenient decision.

Oliver just leaves us at the door and walk away to answer his phone, immediately gushing with Sam.

Jake opens the door for me, and we walk outside. Jake follows me to my car and as I unlock the car with the remote, he opens my door for me. I frown at him and turn to get in.

Half way in, I turn around. Only to find myself way to close to Jake.


My head starts screaming, but my body won’t move and get into the car. So I just stand there, my back against the car.

Jakes’ face only centimeters from mine.

His one arm on the door and the other one is next to my head against the car.

I physically remind myself to breathe; I can’t get my eyes to leave Jake’s.

We stand there for what feels like an hour, but must have been only seconds.

I breathe in once more and inhale the sweet, faintly familiar scent of Jake.

I close my eyes in ecstasy.

Finally allowing myself to consider the possibility of me falling for Jake.

Jake moves closer, I feel his leg against mine, his breath on my face and I open my eyes. I found myself absorbed by him. Never have I felt like this.

He moves even closer and I feel him against me, every inch of my body is aware of him. His lips softly touches mine and I move closer against him. Feeling more comfortable than ever before.

##Tonight’s gonna be a good night! Tonight’s gonna be a good night##

Jake and I shock away from each other and he takes out his phone.

“Hey… Oh hey babe… I’ll be there in five… bye!”

I can’t believe my ears and I fall into my car.


What is wrong with me!!

And there goes Jake, with a simple “See ya” he takes off, to the arms of Leila. Urgh!!

Like we didn’t just share the most amazing moment ever! Or maybe it was only amazing for me…


What did I just do? What did just happen? Am I stupid??

The words keep turning through my head as I bump my head against the steering wheel. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

##Tick tick tick##

I slowly lift up my head as I realize the sound is coming from my window.

“Carrie?! I thought you were gone already?” Oliver spoke as I opened the window.

“Umh…“ I grasped around for something to say, something to explain. “I was waiting for Jake to go.” I motioned to the space behind me.

Oliver glanced at the empty space and looked bemused, “He’s at Leila’s already, Care bear!”

I winced slightly at her name, but held my composure. Oliver kept on talking.

“He just texted me and asked me to phone you and check if you are fine, because you looked weird when he left. And he can’t really phone himself as he is at Leila’s. So I phoned you and you didn’t answer. I was on my way to your place to check on you, and then I noticed the car out here.”

Throughout this whole speech I was silent, looked at him wordlessly, breathlessly and a little bit mindlessly. WHAT?!?!?!
That was the word that echoed through my head. What did Jake text Oliver for? Did he really care? What was I thinking being sucked into his eyes?

“Are you listening??” Oliver sounded… I didn’t really know how he sounded but I had to go. I had to be alone…

“Sorry O. I have to go!” I turned the key in the ignition and sped of as soon as the wheels touched asphalt.


The radio was on loud and I was glad I was home alone.

I needed time.




My mind was a mess. It was filled with scraps of thoughts and notions. I was about to go crazy!

I returned to my room with a cup of coffee and turned my attention to the radio. Playing was Avril’s “I Don’t Give A Damn”…

##Every time you go away
it actually kinda makes my day
Every time you leave
you slam the door

You pick your words so carefully
you hate to think you’re hurting me
you leave me laughing on
the floor

Cause I don’t give it up, I don’t give a damn
What you say about that
You know I don’t give it up, I don’t give a damn
What you say about that
You know I’m not gonna cry, about some stupid guy
A guy who thinks he’s all that

I thought we were just hanging out
So why’d you kiss me on the mouth
You thought the way you taste
Would get me high##

I instantly turned of the radio… This was how I felt! This was my thoughts. Why must I hear it too? I can’t even think it without breaking down!

Oh that idiot!! He kissed ME! I was sure of it. But then his phone rang and he ran off. Well to his girl .Which I introduced him too!

OH I’m the frickin idiot!!

##Bing Bing##

I grab my phone at the sound of my message tone and read the text.

Heya! Can I cm sleep ovr? Gt a lot 2 tell!

I instantly replied with “YES” and called for pizza. Tonight was going to be long! And all I needed now was a girls’ night in! Enough with this alone… It clearly isn’t working!

A few minutes later I hear a bike in the front yard and as I look out the window I see Kris leaning against his bike, a bag on the ground and Allie leaning close to him. It didn’t look like they were kissing, just sharing a moment.

Seconds later the front door swung open.


“Yes Al?” I reply from the kitchen.

I hear a loud thump as she drops her bag and get leaped over by hurricane Allie.

After hugging me she jumped on the island in the middle of the kitchen and fold he legs under her. I continue making coffee. Again.

“You won’t believe how amazing today was! We went to a lake, a few miles outta town. We picnicked there, and then we swam and chatted. It was so amazing! We went for coffee afterwards and sat chatting there for hours until I texted you.”

“Sounds perfect,” I said and handed her a cup of coffee.

“Oh, more than perfect! Wonderful. But we are still just friends. I don’t want to rush things and he understands. We didn’t even kiss!”

“I glad you’re happy girly!”

“Very,” she exclaimed and looked at me, “Hey, isn’t that my clothes?”

“Well I couldn’t go for coffee in my PJ’s..”

“Point taken… What did you do today?”

“Went to O’s and played board games with him and Jake.”

“Is Jake and Leila together now?”

“Yip.” I replied shortly and walked to the front door as the bell rang.

“Hey, Allie?” The pizza-guy asked.

“Yes! That was quick.”

“We’re not too busy tonight. So I have one Honey and Mustard with extra mushrooms and one Double Bacon with extra cheese.”

“Yip! Thanks.” I handed him the money and a generous tip.

“Bye!” He replied with a backward glance.

“Come let’s go the den!” I call to Allie and walk ahead with the pizzas. “Oh and bring my phone and coffee.”

“Coming.” She replied and I heard her bounce of the island.

“So what happened between you and Jake?” She just entered the den and I was about to sit down on the couch. Needless to say I missed the couch and landed flat on my butt.

“Nothing.” I replied and got up.

“So why did you just miss the seat?” She asked between giggles.

“I… I… We kissed.”

I sunk my head down in my arms and curled up into myself.

“YOU WHAT?!?!” Allie shouted so hard I think Oliver heard her…

“Jake and I sort of kissed…”

“Sort of? Sort of isn’t did or didn’t!”

“Pizza?” I ask, swiftly trying to change the topic.


I let out a big sigh and admitted defeat.

“We were standing next to my car; we had a moment, ‘a knees go weak’- moment. And he moved forward, touched my lips, I answered by also moving forward and just as the kiss was going to start getting good, his phone rang. He spoke to Leila, then he said good-bye and rode of. To Leila! His effing girlfriend!!”

“Do you… LIKE him?!” Allie gasped and took a slice of pizza, right, now the pizza is good enough…

“NO!” I object and hide behind my cup of coffee. Not wanting to look at her.

“Oh you do!” she exclaim.

“No Al! I don’t know what I feel.”

We sat there drinking coffee, eating pizza and watching Gossip Girl. Just as Blair got crowned Prom queen Allie jumped up and exclaimed “I got it!!”

I glare at her and try to catch Chuck’s words through her chants. Likely there was an ad break just in time before I had to kill her.

“What is so important that you interrupt GG?!”

“I know how you can realize if you like Jake!”

“Do I get to kiss him?” I ask and giggle at myself; hey if a guy can kiss he can kiss!!

“Perhaps. Later. Now get paper and a pen.”

I reach behind me and grab my sketch pad by accident, Wait… I thought I lost this one. This was the one Jake took by mistake…

“What now?” Allie asked as I sat and silently stared at the book in front of me.

“Jake had this. I’m sure of that.”

“When was he last in here?”

“Last week, we all had another R & J lesson, remember.”

“Okay…” Allie replied, “Maybe he put it back then. Wait why did he have it?”

“He bumped into me months ago and this fell, he picked it up and I never got it back.”

I still just sat there, and then something dawned on me. I open the sketch pad and went through it…

There’s the lake, Allie, Oliver, Allie’s dog, Sam, Oliver’s brother, my mom and that’s that.

I was sure there was another picture in here. I keep leaving through the pages and a pink post it note fell out.

**C. Thanx for the picture. But why me?**

Allie read the note along with me. “What??” She asked confused and frowned at me.

“I drew him. Out of memory. That first day we saw him. I drew him that day in art class.”

Allie raised her eyebrows at me and whispered deviously, “You LIKE him, Care Bear…”


Chapter 9 to be expected next week. I am sorry I didn’t post sooner!!


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  1. YES FINALLY! 😀 Lol, I’ll be bugging you next week if I don’t see a Carrie post, haha.

    Love it! And glad it was long this time. lol making up for all that lost time!

    i must say, i think i’m craving pizza, lol.

    1. I’m glad you find it sufficient! Since you are probably the only reader of the story… PLEASE bug me if the post isn’t up!! I really want to finish this and learn to stop procrastinating!
      Thanks for liking and reading!!!

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