Top 10 sweeties!!

I love sweets… Some may call me an addict, but I am not. I just like sweet things!

This list will include anything on the sweet side, that most people don’t eat daily. That doesn’t sound right! I got it… All the things your mom won’t let you eat ‘after you brushed your teeth at night’


  1. Top Deck Chocolate
  2. Sally Williams Hazelnut Nougat
  3. Lays Lightly Salted Chips
  4. Cornetto Chocolate hugs Ice cream
  5. marshmallows
  6. Fruit Jelly Beans
  7. Willy Wonka Bars
    Wonka bar
    Image by mike lowe via Flickr
  8. Wine Gums
  9. Jelly Teddies
  10. Pink Fizzers

Have a lovely day! And please do share your favourite sweets?? If you really want to play nice, I do accepts sweets through postage! =]

6 thoughts on “Top 10 sweeties!!

    1. As soon as I get a job, I am sending you a care package, with all of my fav sweets [well except for the ice cream]. You are the biggest sweet freak I know, so I think you will appreciate it! =]

  1. I am so FREAKING hungry now!! Thanks!! And Thoughtsappear….stop talking about Pop Tarts!! This is not helping my diet!!! 🙂

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