Another Idiot guest blog!! Marlize hits 400 comments! (or does she?)

There is probably no need to introduce The Idiot… I mean, we all know him by know, but if you don’t, go find him here!!

The Idiot Speaketh

I hit my 400th comment yesterday and it was my dear friend Mr. Idiot! So I decided to ask him to do another guest post, as I love his wicked sense of humor!

Please take this post with a pinch of salt =]

Marlize hits 400 comments! (or does she?)

Hello dear blog friends, this is the idiot here, writing a guest blog at Marlize’s request in celebration of her 400th blog comment on her wonderful blog.

This is a true milestone for young Marlize as all seasoned, veteran bloggers can remember back fondly to the days when we got our 1st comment, our 100th, our 200th, our 328th comment, and so forth. This is a great milestone for Marlize and we all should applaud her!……..or should we?……

I used to be an analyst in the Intelligence Field of the US Military. I know how to use all routes, legal and illegal, ethical and non-ethical, moral and immoral, to dig and find out information. I have done some digging on dear Marlize and her little blog here. I have come up with some disturbing results. Marlize does have 400 comments and counting thus far on her blog.

However, closer inspection of the IP addresses used to submit those comments has shown that 32% of the comments actually originated from Marlize’s own system! A whopping 26% of the comments were submitted by iPhone, an iPhone that my contacts have traced to one Marlize Van Der Walt! Another 30% of blog comments were traced to users scattered around South Africa, parts of Zimbabwe, and a certain neighborhood outside of Budapest, Hungary. Further analysis of those comments revealed that the systems were registered to persons with the last name of, you guessed it, Van Der Walt. I know! I too was shocked. So, this leaves the remaining 12% of comments, approx. 47 comments total, which analysis shows came from me, a few wayward ladies scattered about the globe, and a large amount from some homebound hoarder in New Zealand named Wally. And that, dear friends, is the real TRUTH behind Marlize’s 400th comment celebration!

Seriously, a heartfelt congratulations to this great young lady on this milestone! Great Job Marlize! Best Wishes for thousands of more comments and a long and happy blogging life!

Have a great day Marlize!

Mark G. Pakulak
The Idiot Speaketh


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