Urgh, sooo late!! =]

Hey guys!

I am so beat! I spent another day with my BFF, Bunny. You know, the personal trainer in training.. And she put me through an exercise program made to kill you! But I do feel better by now… The whole afternoon consisted of us hitting each other… [A major sugar-high…] I promise you, we were worse than two kindergarten boys!

But any way… Here is my top ten food list!!

  1. Pizza [with olives, CHEESE, bacon, mushrooms, pineapple]
  2. Hot dogs
  3. Burgers [just watched the ‘Best burger in NY’-episode of HIMYM… I so want a burger now!]
  4. Pasta [Alfredo with bacon, or lasagna]
  5. Bacon… =]
  6. French toast
  7. Chicken Cordon Bleu
  8. Beef Stroganoff
  9. Mac and cheese

I also adore MacD’s!!! =]

I scored BIG today… Bunny has a card at the Sandton Library [the biggest one I have been to yet!] and she offered me the chance to take out books on her name!!! YAY!

I got two Anne Rice books [Witching Hour and another Vampire omnibus] and a Jackie Collins book! Happy reading to me!



2 thoughts on “Urgh, sooo late!! =]

  1. Watch those Jackie Collins books! They’re pretty steamy! (not that I’ve read any…..honest…..ok….maybe 1 or 2 or 7….)

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