Another toppy tenny


Today’s top ten… Food I DO NOT like… =]

  1. Avocado’s
  2. Peas
  3. Fish
  4. “afval” [this is a South African dish… I don’t wanna explain it.]
  5. Baked eggs [I get days where I like it and other days where I really don’t]

I am sorry, but I really can’t think of any more! Looks like today will be a top 5…


**I am turning 19 tomorrow!!! [the 16th]

**A wedding photo post, postcard post and story post is all coming today and tomorrow

**I am very excited for my birthday! I dunno why… I feel like a five-year old!

Have a lovely day my fellow randomers =]


4 thoughts on “Another toppy tenny

  1. Happy Birthday Marlize!! 19 huh? I remember back when I was 19…..back when the world was still in Black and White….when Dinosaurs still roamed the planet….u get the picture…. Have a great day!! What’s the drinking age in S. Africa? How long until you can just go out and get blasted? 🙂

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