Carrie’s life: The final installment

Hey!! I finally finished Carrie’s life… I feel wonderful to say I finished something… But after I post anymore fiction on here, I want some real reviews on this story… Proper criticism… Please???

Here is the last chapter, I know it’s not as long a the rest, but it felt needless to stretch the story out. Just a FYI, this is a rough draft story… Barely any editing except for grammar were done! Enjoy…


~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*Carrie’s POV~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

I start awake as my bed starts to shake uncontrollably.

“Allie!” I shout with my eyes still half closed, I can only guess who would wake me up this way. Especially after I refused to speak about Jake last night…

“Wake up Car!” She jumps a few more times and then lands on the floor next to me, sitting cross-legged in front of my face.  “I made pancakes…”

I sit up and stretch my arms. “You cooked? Then I’d rather just stay in bed thank you…”

Allie laughed and pulled me out of bed with surprising strength. “I made you a special ‘You are the best friend’-breakfast.”

I quickly make a detour in the bathroom and pull on a short pink robe over my black T-shirt night dress. As we enter the kitchen I realize we are not alone…

“Hey Girl!!” Oliver is the first to reach me and he pulls me into a tight hug.

“How are you?” He asks with care and I could see-in his eyes he was still worried about the whole Daniel-saga.

“I am brilliant! Slightly sleep deprived. But other than that, never been beter.”

“And about…” See I told you!

“I’m not breaking my head over some guy, O!”

I twist in my seat, trying to reach the pancakes and coffee, but instead I find myself facing Jake.

In seconds all is forgotten. Allie, Oliver, coffee, Daniel. Everything. So this is why they say guys and girls shouldn’t be friends!!

I shake my head slightly and tear my eyes away from Jake’s. I glare at Allie and send her a mental yell!

I can’t do this. I just realized I like this guy. He has a girl. I need time after Daniel! Argh!!!!!!

“I’m gonna shower,” with that I leave the kitchen without coffee or pancakes and take a long warm shower.

As I step out of the shower fifteen minutes later I hear a quiet knock on the door.

“Yes?” I answer and start drying off.

“We are going to the coffee shop, Car. See you there in a few?”

I scowled at Allie through the closed door and just mumbled “yeah” before I continue drying off.

What is up with me??? I don’t know what is going on in my own head! Yesterday… Yesterday’s kiss was something I never wanted to talk about again. Sure, I didn’t MIND kissing him, but he has a girlfriend, a girl I set him up with!! Maybe they are just playing me, trying to get me to realize what I feel. But if that is the case, then I will not play by the rules…

That’s the moment I realized I also wanted to play. If Jake made the first move to kiss me, and Oliver is telling the truth about him liking me…. Than a few subtle flirts would be enough to get him to fight for me… Shouldn’t it?

I smile to myself and quickly brushed my teeth. Today I win the game…


Half an hour later I stand in front of the mirror, the reflection in very satisfying… Shocking pink tights, pumps, a grey shirt dress that comes to my thighs and a black belt tied around my middle… Perfection! My hair is tousled and messy, Jake once mentioned he liked it that way, and the only make up is black eyeliner…

I get into my car, put it in reverse and head to the shop. My mind, body and heart ready for the game about to begin!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jake’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As soon as Allie tells us Carrie is on her way I order her favourite drink, neither Oliver nor Allie find this weird, as I have been doing this since I told them I like her.

This happen right after the Daniel situation, when Oliver figured it out. And when Leila joined us, supposedly to be my girl, Oliver filled her in on the likes and dislikes in the group. Immediately she came up with the jealousy plan! Allie thinks Leila just wanted to say I was her boyfriend, but perhaps she really wanted to help.

“Where is Leila?” Oliver pulls me out of my thoughts and I frown at him.


“She is supposed to be your girl; she should be here if you want to make it look real.”

“Oh, I’m not sure she would be needed any longer…”

“Why do you say that? Allie pulls herself away from Kris [who appeared as soon as we entered the shop]

“Well… Carrie and I kissed last night…”


That wasn’t really the response I anticipated…

“Wait, do you know??” I ask Oliver and Allie.

“Yeah!” Allie answers and Oliver nods to emphasize her answer.

Is nothing secret in this group???

“Do you think the kiss was enough? Or should Leila still be here?”

“We’ll find out soon enough!”

I follow Oliver’s eyes to the door and smile as I meet Carrie’s eyes.

The moment she sits down, her coffee gets put down on the table and she just smiles a thank you my way before she starts talking to Allie, Kris and Oliver.


No. She is supposed to be talking to me. Trying to figure out why I kissed her. Why Leila and I are together, not ignoring me!

The next half hour was spent with me trying to get her talking to me, and she trying not to. Every now and then she spots a guy, makes eye contact and smile at him.

Then suddenly, without warning, her attentions were diverted to me. She placed her hand on my leg and moved a bit closer. Making sure I knew her smile is just for me.

“So, Jakey-boy, how is your Romeo and Juliet project going?”

For a moment I was stumped but then I pulled myself together, grasping the chance I noticed, “Not so good, I really think I need help with it.”

She smiled, “what about tomorrow? We could make it another group session, and then we can all help each other?”

“I can’t,” Oliver was the first to reject the idea, “I have a date with Sam. Anniversary.”

“Neither can Allie,” Kris says and Allie giggled, “We have a bike riding lesson.”

“You go girl!” Carrie giggled and side-hugged Allie.

Carrie turns back to me, smile and say, “Looks like it’s just you and me, Jakey…”


The next few cups of coffee all went by in a blur; there were moments where Carrie would act as if I was the only person in the whole shop, and then suddenly I was ignored and she flirted with every guy coming in! I wasn’t sure which annoyed me more!!

But it looks like, against all odds, Allie and Kris was definitely a couple now. And I think of the three quick romances that occurred in the past few months, this would be the first to last!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carrie’s POV~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I can’t believe Jake is coming here in a few minutes. Alone. Me and him ALONE!!!!!

Yesterday it seemed like a good idea to play with him, switching between full attention and none. And if I have to say so myself, IT WORKED!

But now we are alone. He has to have my full attention, as there isn’t really anything distraction worthy in the house!


Oh joy!!

I walk slowly to the door, each step accompanied with a deep breath in and out.

“Hey Jake!”

“Hey Carrie!”

He pulls me into a tight hug and I savor the smell of him before pulling away. Ever since I realized the effect he has on me, I started to enjoy it. I savored every second near him.

“Do you want some coffee or Cola?” I lead the way to the kitchen and feel him following closely behind.

“Cola, please.”

I grab two cans of cola, a pack of chips and walk past him, this time leading the way to the den.

Only when I sat down I realized he didn’t have any books with him.

“Jakey, how are we gonna work on R&J without your books?”

“Oh, my project is finished. I just thought it was a good excuse”

I groan and realized that once again, I’ve been played.

The glare I sent him was one of hatred. Or it was suppose to be. But the second my eyes met his, I dissolved. He looked lovely sitting there, just looking at me. Like no one could ever be more amazing.

But nowhere in the script did I anticipate the following words.

“I broke it with Leila.”

That suddenly made everything seem real. We liked each other. We were tired of games. We needed this. I needed him!

And then a tear escaped my eye. Where it came from still baffled me, but Jake was there to wipe it from my cheek and I fit perfectly into his arms. We sat there for a while, not speaking, not moving, just being…

Then I giggled. The conflicting emotions were funny to me. The whole scenario was entertaining. How did we get here? From Day 1 when he walked into me, to 3 days ago where we shared the greatest kiss of all time. To now. Where we just sat here.


“Now what?” Jake frowned at me as I push myself away from him.

“I will not get all soppy with you! We are fun together, we yell, we attack, we joke, we do not cry and sit here doing nothing.”

“Fine…” he said and smiled deviously.

He started backing away and I get up, “what now?”

“You want fun!”

The next moment he launches himself at me and hit me on the head with a couch pillow. In seconds there is a fully fledged pillow fight going on and as we fall down on the couch minutes later, his mouth comfortably finds mine and I smile before kissing him back.

Life really is perfect…

Hope you liked it!!!


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