Back in business! Random normalness =]

Or is that normal Randomness??

I was once again MIA this weekend! And yes I was at Bunny’s! =] We went exercising again, loved it, shopped a bit, got a GREAT tan and went to the movies with J, his friend, Suzy and her new ‘bo’. It was the best birthday weekend ever!! Al thanks to the best people in my life!

Now for a quick top ten, and I find it quite fitting for this time in my life…

What did you learn this year??

  1. Writing is great anti-depression medicine
  2. Blogging is the best!!
  3. I can’t really drive
  4. Finding a job is HARD
  5. I cannot be trusted alone with HIM
  6. My mind and heart hates me =]
  7. Writing is hard work, but I believe in myself
  8. Boyfriends are NOT the source of all happiness
  9. Journalling, pen pals and Postcrossing are wonderful hobbies
  10. Sometimes the people you don’t know are your best friends [bloggers]

I am still searching for the perfect Fudge Picasso picture to put up, so that should arrive today or tomorrow.

Tonight I am babysitting for the pastor at our church… His kids is 14, 11 and 9… That should be a blast!! If I am alive by tomorrow, I will tell you the whole story!! =]

If you glance to your right [no silly, on the SCREEN!] you will notice a new button, its MY FIRST AWARD!!! It is courtesy of LeashieLoo at All kinds of hungry! Go visit her now!!! [wait come back and finish reading!!] Thank you SO much for this award!!

All I have to do now is list 10 things I like…

  1. Sleep
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Movies
  5. Shopping
  6. Sleepovers =]
  7. Late nights
  8. Music
  9. My dogs
  10. Family and friends!!

I will name the ten winners of the award later on!!

Starting today I am detoxing… Yeah! I am only allowed to eat fruit and vegetables, and drink water with a bit of lemon juice. I am about ten hours into this detoxing thing and my stomach is already yelling at me!! I think it is just a mind set. But I am devoted to doing this. Once again, if I am still alive after this four days of torture, I will convey the experience!

Have a good one!



4 thoughts on “Back in business! Random normalness =]

  1. LOL totally love your randomness. Congrats on your award šŸ™‚

    So why are you detoxing? Just curious.

    Ah yes, I’m slowly figuring out I totally love my blogging friends šŸ™‚

    1. Thanks and thanks! šŸ™‚

      I feel that I need to get myself into a healthier eating regime, and the only way to do that is detox before hand… But so far I am failing miserably!

      Lol, me 2!!

    1. I am still in debate with myself [yes I talk to myself] on whether or not to blog about him… I am afraid he finds out what I feel, but then again, maybe that would benefit me. Or I would just seem like a crazy stalker chicka…

      Debate continues… =]

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