A quick flashback!!

Hey you all!

Now today’s top ten is quite fitting, as yesterday I was babysitting three monsters very cute kids and today’s post is about… Childhood cartoons!!

Lol, Nathan suggested this idea and I loved it. But I am a bit stumped, I didn’t really watch cartoons that much! But here goes notthing

  1. Powerpuff girls [do not judge]
  2. Dexter’s Lab
  3. Pokemon
  4. Totally Spies
  5. Mew Mew Powers
  6. DragonballZ
  7. American Dragon
  8. Kim Possible

I totally can’t remember more!!! But I still like cartoons and kids shows =]

Now I wanna know something… I wrote a piece of flash fiction the other day…

Also I would love to add some pictures like Den does.. So if any one want to go throught the story and add pictures, I would love that! And of course you will be credited on my blog and if I send the story elsewhere to get published, I will also credit you!

Have a lovely day!!

Ps. Post on babysitting comes later!


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