Welcome to the awards!

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the very first Corner Awards!!

Tonight I will give this ‘happy’ award to ten very lucky and special winners!!

The first winner is…..

MikShorty This girl is a brilliant writer, a journalist in training and a wonderful singer!! Really, I think she should be on Glee!! Congratz Mikael!

The second winner of the night is……..

The Idiot Speaketh! Now this funny and brilliant guy [man] is currently away with GMR, but I hope he survives to collect his award!

Then we have……..

Holly! Holly the Strange is a funny girly blogger I noticed on day while hopping around, her blog title caught my attention [I love Emily the Strange] and I fell in love with her blog. She is very random and a very cool girl!

Fourth in the row is…….

The last Classic I love this NAME! It feels so… Classic [corny I know] This girl loves reading, writing, libraries and has a typewriter!!! No better reason than that to give her an award!

{drumroll} next is……

Mel from Past to the Present! I heart Mel’s blog, and she likes my writing. [Yes my award can be bought by giving me compliments on my writing!]

Sixth up…

Thoughts Appear! I adore this girl’s blog! Her award-winning qualities include loving HIMYM, dating Kiefer Sutherland, loves Halloween and lives on pudding =]

Seven up! =]

Erin at Wild Archaic. The is the most randomest blogger ever! But I love her blog all the same! Congratz Erin.

Next in this loooooong line up is……………

A writers craft! My attention was grabbed by her name. Loved it. Writing. =]

Next to last!!

The Life of Jamie

Jamie is a mother with a wicked sense of humor and a love for Glee and the Procrastination Nation!

Last but never least!

Nathan over at Cogito Ergo Blog. This guy is a great blogger! I love reading his post! And my day was made when I saw my name on his blogroll today. Simply for that mere gesture, you receive the final award of the evening!

Now your task is to list TEN things you like as well as ten bloggers who you think deserve this award!!

Hope you all enjoyed the award show, and please do not come to collect your award in a meat dress! Thank you



15 thoughts on “Welcome to the awards!

  1. I don’t think I can wear a meat dress to accept my prestigious award, would you settle for a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt? If i put on enough accessories, it would look like I tried to look this bad- right?

    THANKS Every Girl! I am honored!

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